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hypersensitivity pneumonitis.

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Looks like I have managed to have pick up an Avian antigen. On top of my Small airways disease.

Not sure what to expect , Apt with Consultant in March 23 . Subject to results of HRCT scan.

which is not yet booked .....no discussion s ,no treatment ............Am getting very breathless.

Am wondering if worth changing hospital and going either south to London or north to a centre of excellence

Is there any any other group member with this condition that could give me some info.

many thanks ..


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Just wishing you better days ahead Jo and hoping you get good treatment very soon.

Thinking of you.

Love Carole xxxx🤗

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i can't believe your appointment is next year 🙄 if you are getting breathless then personally I would be demanding some form of appointment now. I had acute hypersensitivity pneumonitis (aspergillosis to be precise) in June 22 which is caused by mold inhalation and similar to the avian version you have been diagnosed with.

i wish you all the very best and a speedy recovery

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Buzzytruk in reply to spk64

Thank you ........am seeing a GP partner on Tuesday morning ,. We will be having a long talk.!!

Have been checking out the London Hospitals , fortunately have friends in the area.

Best wishes to you for the future.


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Buzzytruk,I to have hp,my specialist calls it bronchial hyperactivity.hyperactivity.When I breathe car fumes,dust,smoke I get severe pain which last for a week,sometimes longer.longer.No infections orbreathingproblems...Advice-don't waste your time with GPS..They gave me paracetamol for 2 years until a specialist gave me fostair corticosteroids..I wish you well.

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I take Symbicort for the small airways disease along with ventolin inhalers.

It is an allergy, it would appear that I need oral steroids, but won't get them if I stay at the same OPD / chest clinic. It will be a bit difficult ,but if I can get a letter out of the GP then I will be heading south.

thankyou for your good wishes ......

best regards to you


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Hi, very best wishes with your Gp appointment, hope it’s worthwhile, and refers you to knowledgeable consultant, who understands your condition. If you don’t feel happy, look on line for interests and speciality of all consultants in your area or where you would be able to get to. I was born with rare condition was age 83 before found consultant who understood it. Jean x

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Midlandmom in reply to Morrison10

thank you. , best regards. Jo. 🙂

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Buzzytruk in reply to Morrison10

sorry you get a reply from midland mom .....have been messing about with Gmail

i should have known better !!!!!! Just had to have a go .Now can't get rid of it.

Jo.... 🙂

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so sorry to hear your diagnosis

I was diagnosed with HP 5 years ago & mostly stayed fairly stable on Fostair inhaler but now on Mycophenolate to try & reduce theG inflammation. Luckily I live between Nottingham & Leicester both of which have good respiratory departments. I have found the nurses particularly helpful & supportive.

Sounds like you need to push for an earlier scan & appointment with a consultant

Good luck

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Buzzytruk in reply to Tawny10

hi thank you for the info..Ihave been on Symbicort for about 12 years for Small Airways .Disease and carbocysteine since last autumn........Will check out the two places you named .At least I will have all the details needed.......again many thanks.


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