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soothing omega3 fish oil


I am passing on to you my experience with very refined Omega3 fish oil but I must caution you that you should consult your doctor as it is very controversial treatment. as apposed to conventional drugs and their inevitable side effects.

I am alergic to aspirin and a lot of other medications which cause me severe diaorrhea. I found that the omega three restored my digestion and helped sooth the lungs made it easier to bring up the Mucus, whilst on the cardiovascular front thins the blood and it is claimed breaks down the clots. the only drawback is to ensure that it does not contain heavy metals. I have no side effects and I do believe that it is thought to be completely free of any. I do not want to tell you what I use as I do not want to be accused of pushing a commercial interest perhaps your pharmacist can help as they all seem to sell them to you and there are certainly plenty of sites on the internet to interrogate especially in America and now quite a few here. hope it helps


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How much are you taking and are the very refined oils you talk about very different to normal fish oil?



I take 600 mil (large teaspoon) in case I have got it wrong ,dose once daily. The very refined oils are usually from farmed salmon, cleaner environment etc.and is treated to remove any heavy metals such as mercury, the more expensive the oil usually the better it is, a lot of the oils come in capsules mostly a 1000mil and contain instructions on the container.

Do not forget that I am not an expert I think with common sense it is not dangerous and no nasty side effects but take advice from the experts, you dont want to mix it with other blood thinners for instance in case you start to bleed.


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