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Cough won't stop

Since the end of December I have had a cough that is always there it is not very productive it was a problem getting enough for a sputum sample that brought more steroids and anti bios but no improvement or end to the coughing .

Monday had an x-ray that showed no major infection only a broken rib from all the coughing that I hardly notice now even though it has a constant pain from my ribs that was first put down as muscle strain until the x-ray said different.

The doctor has told me that it could be chronic cough syndrome, something else I had not heard of until the words suspected .............. are spoken.

Found some information on it and treatment is it common with lung conditions any experiences welcome.

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Chronic cough syndrome?? thats a new one to me!!

My first thought was,could it be an allergy?? That makes you cough.

Whatever it is, you need to get to the bottom of it,you cant go around breaking ribs all the time, you poor thing!!

Best of luck with it all,

Wendells xx

I agree with Wendells-Chronic Cough Syndrome? Never heard of it myself!

Yes perhaps an allergy? Perhaps Reflux? Do you already have lung disease! Or just the cough ? Coughing enough to break ribs is not normal !

Speak to the BLF helpline to chat things over with them perhaps?

Hope things get sorted for you soon.


Has your doctor tested you for whooping cough? You can have a blood test for t he antibodies. Your symptoms sound like whooping cough to me.Most doctors don't recognise it and think it is rare in adults. It isn't rare .it is becoming much more common in adolescents and adults. I have had it for 6 weeks!

Good luck with the diagnosis. Look up whooping

Hello, I've never had a cough as bad as yours. Something that does work for me however is Potters Strong Bronchial Catarrh Pastiles. For some reason they seems to sooth your airways and having a pastile in your mouth takes your mind of the cough itself. Within half a minute or so my cough stops. They're amazing. I buy them from the website below. 41 packs at a time to make use of the free delivery. You may be able to get them from your local Pharmacy. If not ask them to order them in. They're deffinitely worth trying. Take care, J

last year i had a cough that lasted around 3 month ,doc sent me for x rays , second in six months ,but they were clear he said i would just have to put up with it as there was no obvious reason for it,but it was very distressing, through the day there were things to take your mind of it but i dreaded night time knowing i was not going to get any proper sleep ,hope you improve soon

Gosh - never heard of chronic cough syndrome. I have a similar cough which has been treated by increasing my dose of steroids with antibiotics (does not get rid of the cough but it does decrease) but I had already been diagnosed as having Sjorgens Syndrome with pulmonary fibrosis. It is very frustrating - have now also tried every cough mixture available!! Hope your cough gets better soon and your rib too.

Hi I had a constant cough more than 20 years ago which my doctor 'suggested' might be sarcoidosis a lung disease which my younger brother had, despite the fact neither of us has ever been a smoker. I was left untreated but had to attend the chest clinic at my local hospital and it wasn't until 2006 that I finally had tests to diagnose the disease. I am now on steroids and other medication plus 24/7 oxygen so it might be worth your while mentioning this to your doctor I hope it's not sarcoidosis in your case. Good luck


Yes I too had a constant cough and was diagnosed with sarcoidosis!

I worked with someone who started to cough as soon as she entered the building and she coughed and coughed all day. She had all the tests under the sun but nothing came to light. her only respite was moving to a different building. This worked but obviously it wasn't desperately practical. She got a new post in a different building and is absolutely fine now. I think it is possible but it is likely down to enviornmental factors.

That said I know a lot of people who have developed a cough after a cold and its lasted a long time so you may just be unfortunate in that instance.

Marie x

I have had constant cough now for 6 months where I get up in morning coughing and bringing up sputom (flem) and cough most of day always bringing up stuff and what I have just read I don't know whether it chronic cough syndrome or sarcoidos but I got hospital today see respitory clinic so hopefully get an answer.I know I have emphasima of right lung but I will let you know hopefully late on today

It could be a part of having COPD in some cases if this information is correct.

"Less common causes of chronic cough include allergies, tumors, sarcoidosis, congestive heart failure, or other lung diseases such as chronic obstructive disease (COPD) or emphysema"

Going back to a doctor for diagnoses as most members have advised will bring treatment that relieve the symptoms and suffering which must be dreadful.

Hello Yamir :-) I think I read somewhere Chronic Cough Syndrome is the new name for Post Nasal Drip the condition where mucus drips down the back of you throat from your sinus into your lungs, something you may not even be aware is happening but it can cause you to cough . It is treated with a Nasal steroid spray like Nasonex.

If you ask your Doctor about this and try a nasal spray you will soon know if it helps .

Hi, Just a simple question, have you started taking a new drug recently. I cant take tiotropium

(spireva) inhalers as they give me a very very bad cough, nor can I take lisinopril as this

( blood pressure) tablet also makes me cough. My doctor gives me an alternative and I have no problems. Hope this helps.

Hi Yamir, well just so you don't feel let down with the diagnosis. There is an illness Chronic cough syndrome, it is a diagnosis usually given for a cough that appears to have no definate cause and persists as opposed to a diagnosis of chronic cough which accompanies a specific illness. If you have only had a persistant cough since December then its not as yet really a chronic cough and needs to have all possible causes investigated in order to be treated correctly.Long term chronic cough can go with varied lung diseases,asthma, bronchitis,post nasal drip, acid reflux , sinisitus, nervous cough reflex,ect ect and certain drugs can be given to lessen the cough. As a temporary measure sometimes a cough might be releived with a decongestion medicine or plenty of warm drinks.Even cold drinks can make you cough more in some cases. And on a positive side some winter colds can cause a cough that lasts longer than usual,but eventually clears up. Think positive and try all things that help to confirm or illiminate possible causes or simply releif your symptoms. Every best wish for a good outcome

hello YAMIR this might be some help/looking back i used to be with OWN HELP before getting the chop last year with the nhs here is some things that may help in your hour of need/ DRINK HOT TEA OR COFFEE sucking a hard boiled sweet/you may have sinus problem??the fluid runs down the back of your nasal track on to your lungs i have this myself beconase ihave from the docs you can try sudafed in tablet form or spray from your local chemist plus you can get from your gp /copd nurse tiotropiam this is a inhaler were you put a capsule in 1 a day this may help [ note every one is diffrant its realy trial &error good luck

Sorry I've not read all the Brother inlaw had a constant cough (don't think anything came up) and they gave him becatide for a few months to coat his throat which has stopped the coughing as it's not irritated.

The other thing that was suggested to me (i have coughed for nearly 2 yrs but just been diagnosed with bronchiectasis - alway productive) was piriton for a week to see if that stoped it.

You haven't said what sort of cough, my worst are where i am either nearly sick or can't breath near the it like that or a tickle?

i use to have a very bad cough and never ever brought anything up. i later found out what it was that triggered it off it was spicy foods being cooked. some aerosols can also set it off such has fly spray and hair spray. maybe there is something that's causing your cough

Hi Yamir, I am still coughing, seen the Chest Dr at Hospital, she asked me some questions, I did try to tell her, she asked did my nose run while eating, I said its only done that the once. Put the gadget on my finger it read 95% Oxegen and my heart rate was 112, In the end she said I have acid reflux and thats why I am coughing. What a load of rubish.

My ribs hurt because of the coughing, but she said your X-ray is OK, hope you feel a bit better soon.


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