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ive had a cough for 9 months , coughing so much it makes me gag i make a horrible noise i gasp for breath my asthma nurse put me on a new inhaler its called innovair next inhaler, or fostair next inhaler, it helps somewhat but I'm still coughing really bad all i bring up is white stuff and if i have a cough i have to make sure my mouth is completely covered as sometimes a bit will come out, when i look in my tissues it looks like a piece of glue and if by accident something does come out and i haven't had chance to put my tissue over my mouth i pick it up with a tissue and it come up in one piece like a lump I know this sounds disgusting but ive had to say what its like otherwise i wont get the help i need thank you, BOB

19 Replies
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Hi Bob so sorry to hear about the trouble you are having with that cough, I think maybe you should have a word with your GP see what they suggest. Please let us know how you get on it have a good afternoon and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx 🌻🌻

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Get in touch with your GP and see what he suggests. You might need some tests to see what’s going on. Take care xxxx

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I think that you need to get a review with your doctor. It may be that the inhaler isn't the right one for you and/or that you need more tests.

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If this has been going on for 9 months I think you should ask your GP to refer you to a respiratory consultant for further investigations. The inhalers don't seem to be solving the problem so I think it's time to be referred.

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Nine months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!you really need to tell your gp to get his rear end off his chair and get this sorted. you ought not to suffer like this. do not put up with anyone hiding behind covid, global warming, or any other excuse

in reply to Lol1944

It's maddening isn't it when places use those things as a licence to be nasty and hide behind!

Sounds like you need to be seen face to face by a gp asap.

Make it clear to reception that you need an urgent appointment to see the doctor face to face as you are worried and don't let them fob you off!

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Are you prescribed Carbocysteine.It’s a drug that helps thin your sputum.

You need to tell your GP how much you are struggling..

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Hi Bob. Like everyone says this has gone on for too long. They need to see you and perhaps have some scans taken. Easier said than done I know. 😏 But you can't go on like this. Do let us know how things go for you. xx 👋🙂

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I do sympathise with you, don’t do like I did and put up with it! I was 2+ yrs asking for a referral till in the end I went privately. Consultant I saw was peed off and kindly put me on hisNHS list.

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Do u have s diagnosis at all?

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Try to contact your COPD nurse ,they seem to know a lot more than your GP

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I don’t know coughing story is any help but in 2012 I started with a cough and was diagnosed with asthma and a lung disease, bronchiecstasis, and ended up with 4 inhalers, a nasal spray, antihistamine, and montelukast, a med to stop me coughing at night. That worked for the night coughing to stop but not during the day. After many appointments with 3 consultants, x-rays and a ct scan and many chest infections, I was prescribed with an antibiotic as a prophylactic, and 3 weeks after that I stopped coughing! The coughing didn’t come back until I got Covid in March this year.

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Hi.......I had something similar.....last July start with a cough ,felt unwell ,but couldn't put my finger on it. Managed to get a telephone chat with my consultant after a few months ....He decided it was mucus plugs and increased my Carboscisteine to

2 capsules three things a day. My mucus production was working overtime.

The level of mucus is lessening slowly, and my breathing has

improved slightly.... fortunately no infection , still have a cough but no where near as bad.

The extra carbocisteine has's made life a little better .

Am awaiting a breathing test and to see my consultant hopefully in the near future,.my CT scan was ok back in January...

Wishing you luck


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Hi bob. Hopefully you have heeded the replies you have had and got in touch with your GP or respiratory nurse. They can discuss your treatment and have suggestions to help. Best of luck xxx

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Hi! I would say this has gone on long enough. My Husband was bad like you and he had a lung complaint. They kept telling him first he had bronchitis then bronchiectasis. It wasn’t either. He ended up unit was Pulmonary fibrosis. Have you had any tests at all? You really need to ask your Dr if you can be referred to a lung clinic. Nine months is a long time not to know why you are coughing and coughing up mucus.

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Hi thamesbob, sorry to hear about your problem, it really is horrible when we can't breathe properly, I know that acid reflux can cause bad breathing problems and you don't have to have that horrible burning feeling with it, it can be a hidden problem, it has been a problem for me and made my breathing very bad with a lot of coughing and mucus production, maybe worth talking to the doc about it, hope you get sorted soon..

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Good luck in getting to the bottom of this. xxx

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Oh I do hope that your GP can provide a way forward. Grace

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