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First doctors visit of the year and not good news!

Hi all,

I've not been around too much over the past couple of weeks as I've not been feeling too great.

If I'm cold I feel red hot and if I'm hot I'm freezing. Night sweats. Bad breathing. Breathless. All sorts of feelings really.

The doctors had me in within 2 hours ( amazing! ) and confirmed what I thought....pneumonia :-(

Now on high dose steroids and 2 double dose antibiotics. He wanted me in hospital but feel I'm far better at home, as we all do.

2 weeks ago I had to have my oldest and most loyal friend, my dog, put to sleep as she had dementia and its affected me more than I thought. I've been terribly sad and unable to get through a few hours without shedding tears. Now with the pneumonia I feel blooming awful and very unhappy.

Don't really know why I'm sharing this, I guess it's good to talk.

Thanks for listening and I hope to be back soon on here, I just need to get better and my head together.

So far this year has just been rubbish! Oh well, the only way is up I guess.

Take care everyone.

Catch you all soon.

Mike x

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hope you feel better soon Mike, so sorry to hear about your dog too, they are more than pets, they are family members. I know how you are feeling, lost one dog last year, due to kidney failure, a couple of weeks after losing my mum to pneumonia, now, i am losing my companion, my husky as my neighbours have been telling lies to my housing and its either the dog or the house goes, as well as being turned down for ESA yet again and apt at lung unit was waste of time. It never rains but it pours, It will take a while to get through the loss of your dog, especially when you are unwell too, its good to talk, makes the pain feel a bit less, Rest as much as you can to get better/

Take care,

San x

Hi Mike

I can empathize with you both in terms of pneumonia (bummer!) and also the loss of your four-legged friend. When my dog died I immediately got another from the RSPCA pound. This may seem heartless to some but I found it very psychologically beneficial, especially as potentially the new dog was likely to be put down. Just a thought


Thank you Martin, I already have two other dogs who are clearly pining and in mourning of the loss of their leader so I'll be putting off getting another addition for quite some time but yes I agree getting a new dog is beneficial to our and their welfare.

Thanks for your kind words


Hi San. Your post set me off again, not your fault, just my frame of mind right now.

I am devastated for you for your loss last year of your dog and also your mum, I can't imagine the grief you suffered and are still suffering.

I am sure if you can gain evidence from other neighbours or offer to have your beloved husky wearing a collar camera to prove he's no nuisance that this could bide you more time re the housing...just a thought.

Don't give up on the ESA, it may seem an uphill battle most of the time but it'll be satisfying for you and a poke in the eye for them when you do succeed!

Yes it's good to talk but it doesn't make my pain any less just yet. My dog saw me through some amazingly tough times and she understood everything and was just so, oh, just so my right hand really, I can't go in to detail yet, else I'll soak my ipad in tears again.

I plan now to go to bed and stay there for a few days to let the antibiotics and steroids to start working. Maybe the rest will do my mind good too.

Thanks for your kind words and I wish you all the luck in the world in keeping your husky I really do.

Night all, sleep well everyone.

Mike x

Hi mike, it's 02.37 in the morning and my little dog is asleep beside me she is such a lovely little thing and we are great pals and I would like to say I know how you feel I have lost dogs of my own and know how terrible the pain is my little Eliza is getting on in years and I will once again face the pain of losing . but we have had a lovely time together and when the time comes we have to part I will thank her for all the lovely times we had together so if you can dwell on the times you enjoyed with your dog And I know it's hard but you. Gave her a lovely life and in return she. Gave you something that money cannot buy unconditional love that only a Dog can give, I hope your pain eases soon x

Everyone is here for you.

You will get better Mike but it does take time. If you do not start to feel better in a day or two take yourself to hospital. They can give you intravenuos antibiotics and they work better. i was in hospital twice through pneumonia. Damn copd eh.

So sorry to hear about how low you are feeling I have had dogs all my life and yet I still miss each one everything seems so much worse when you are ill as well but I believe that one day I will join all my dogs again and what a joy that will be take care I will be thinking of you

Be positive Mike, a bit of a cold spell then Spring will be here and healthwise we shall all feel better and our mood will lift and life won't seem so bad. If you want to talk, you talk - we're here to listen.

Take care, keep warm.

Lib x

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I hope you feel much,much better soon Mike, and I'm so sad about your dog,it will take quite some time for you to get back on your feet you've had a very tough time of it lately.Please take comfort in the fact that you gave your dog a happy life and you have many memories to treasure.

You must concentrate on getting over pneumonia, that must have knocked you for six, the days are getting longer and brighter and before we know it Spring will have sprung! Thinking of you,take care. Auntymary xx

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(((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))) for you Mike :) and deepest sympathy on the loss of your best friend. They really do become part of the family, don't they ?

Here's to a rapid improvement in your health in the very near future and never forget that should you need to 'talk' then we are all here to 'listen' :)


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Sorry to hear you are so poorly Mike, hope you improve soon, I don't know what I would do if I lost my little dog, we get so close to them like a child really, take care and as we all say breath easy soon, spring is around the corner.xx


hi Mmike

i hope when we hear from you again, things we will be a lot better. i agree if you can be treated at home for pnuemonia im all for it, you probably will improve quicker but do go into hospital if things dont, good luck



Just a quick message to say THANK YOU for all these wonderful, heart warming messages. You're all so kind.

I'm really feeling very poorly and think I've got a kidney infection now too so back to the doctors tomorrow as my back is killing me.

I've been in bed all day which is so not like me but I know it's a must.

Once again thank you.

Mike x

keep strong mike i know how you feel i really do x

Wishing you a quick recovery,you are having a rough trot at the moment!

Sorry about your dog.We had to put our beloved labrador down,a few weeks ago,which was so upsetting, as they are a part of the family.(I still feel a bit lost without her)

Everyone here was so kind, with there support,

heres to better days,

Wendells xxx

Hi Mike, sorry to hear about your loss, a dog is family and it is a void in your life. Pneumonia, now that's a different story, I have been off work since August 2012 after having been diagnosed with double pneumonia and my left lung has collapsed twice where I had to have a chest drain inserted. I am still on steroids, but I am now suffering from post traumatic stress, time is the healer and I know I will hopefully feel back to normal. Please look after yourself and give yourself the best of care and pampering, somedays I feel very low and wonder if I'll ever be better but time will tell. I was 7 weeks in hospital, twice in ICU, I am having flashbacks now and it's no a nice feeling. I can only praise the staff in hospital for their care and support but it's the after care that is missing and really needed. It will soon be Spring and a wee walk everyday will help us, you have your other wee dogs for company and they bring love unconditionally which is a lovely feeling. Get well soon and take care.

Hi Mike, so sorry to hear about your loss, I know how it feels, but your other dogs need you, they grieve for their leader but they also grieve for you, they sense your emotions, and your illness too. i too have lost several dogs and cats, it hurts like mad and as has been said, we all feel and are thinking of you and wishing you better soon. Hope your back pain is not to do with kidney infection, you don't need that. Its good to talk, so talk away, we are all listening and understand. Take care of yourself, better brighter weather coming soon, that should help us all. xx

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