Oh my poor sit-upon

As some of you may remember, I have to sit with raised legs for a couple of hours everyday, I couldn't afford one of those very nice expensive recliner chairs so I bought a fairly expensive garden recliner which is working out well except........... the base of my spine gets very uncomfortable only when I am sat in it. I have tried a normal thick pillow, a memory foam pillow and an ordinary cushion but it still happens. Apart from this it is working well, with one dog between my feet and one between my knees (they are only small) my legs are lovely and warm. Anyone have any ideas what else I can try please

Carole x

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  • Have you thought of perhaps putting a couple (or three) books under the legs (or corners, if your bed doesn't have legs) of your bed to raise it up and lie down for a couple of hours on that ? :)

    It worked for me caroleoctober )

  • P.S. It doesn't hurt your bum either ;)

  • Thanks for the suggestion but my bed folds in the middle for moving and my husbands says if I do that it will collapse, and maybe I am strange but don't fancy sitting on the bed in the middle of the day. Thanks for the suggestions anyway elian.


  • Have you spoken to either your respiratory nurse or Dr or if you have an OT or physio, even better

    It sounds like you might benefit from a proper pressure relieving cushion that hopefully, a nice OT or physio could get for you on long term loan



  • There is a pressure cushion with a cutout bit - called the 'bony parts' cushion (we call it Napoleon.....). we bought one, but I bet you could get one through Occupational Therapy or district Nurse. It sounds just what you need - my husband finds it very comfy.


  • Have a look on this site it has a variety of medical lumbar cushions or if you know someone who sews get them to make one up for you of small foam pieces or beans (poly ones not baked :) ) Good Luck in finding something to suit you


  • carole I use a garden recliner too and I put 2 old floppy bean bags on it. One that my neighbour threw out under my legs, another for the back, works fine. would love your 2 dogs as well !

    jandan's betterlife looks good but ouch expensive.


  • What about an air ring...


  • Yes thought about that cofdrop will have to ask OT thankyou

  • have you tried a foam cushion ring they are very comfortable, see your doc who shoud send some belonging to the ocupational therapist.

    good luck


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