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Physio pay back!

After a very hard workout in the hospital gym with a brilliant young physio terrorist called Lora, she decided to push me back in the wheel chair by the outdoor route with another terrorist collegue. Well it involved them pushing me up a fairly long and steep hill to the hospital front door. When we got to the top of the hill I noticed they were breathing quite heavily so quickly took the opportunity and said, 'Right go back down and do it again!!!!' :)

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Ha ha. Good for you! I hope they could smile. ;)

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ha ha ha you should have said now you have a idea of how i feel


Good one! Hope they feel a bit more empathy for you now!! xx


Ha ha good for you, think they forget how awful it can be when breath is in short supply

payback time indeed



Priceless :)



That's a great story.

Lynne xx


Good one !

Lib x


I new those of you who have suffered at the hands of the Physio Terrorists would appreciate that little moment of mine. I always had a lot of fun with the physio's but they were merciless in there efforts to get me home again. I did'nt think I would ever say it but I'm glad they were!!


Physios do a lot of good work and they look after Healthunlockders.Perhaps they are entitled some 'pay back time themselves sometimes'.


Your right of course king, they work very hard at getting us back on our feet and deserve huge credit for it. I still go back with the Christmas biscuits and thank them for everything they did for me.


ha ha, had to smile at that one, i had much the same , there was just the young physio "terrorist" ,and myself in a massive gym at the r. i. e. . she told me to sit down and get my breath back,[i was actually there for my back] she was then re-arranging things , then TRIPPED over a plank of wood [a single walkway thing] on to a rubber mat, off course i asked her if she needed a hand up, luckily she was one with a good sense of humour , did i love it when i said to her,,,,,"well no pain no gain",,,,

but these people do a great job, and [usually lol] know exactly what they are doing. off course it makes things easier for all, if things can be done with a smile. jw


Even though the physios would turn up at my bedside everyday for a session of torture I used to look forward to it. 'How crazy am I'

Seriously though they worked very hard to get me back on my feet again and always tortured me with a smile on their faces. :)

Tony enjoyed your story jw


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