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We care about family, friends and carers

If you've ever wondered what the BLF are doing for family, friends and carers - read on :


It's an ever-evolving project informed by YOU - the family, friends and carers of people with lung disease so please get in touch to share your experiences.

Look forward to hearing from you,

Katie (BLF family, friends and carers project development officer)

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Very grateful for helping those who support us Katie it is often overlooked by the doctors who treat a condition the strain it places on a family.

A heartfelt thank you to all carers, it means more than can be spoken.

Hi Katie,

I just wanted to let you know that I had typed out a reply to your blog but for some reason or another it doesn't appear to have been received - I think my internet must have crashed or I did something wrong !

I've never "blogged" before so it was probably the latter.

I will try to re-do and send it to you though as I think what you have asked for is very important and if anything I have experienced can be helpful to other people than that must be good but probably not tonight as it's getting quite late.

Just to say though for now I am a full time carer for my father who has severe vascular dementia and also severe copd, an absolutely horrible combination as he is often unable to explain what is wrong and how he is feeling so I have to interpret.

Bye for now and thank you Hergernt for the kind words in your reply to Katie's request, even though we've not "spoken" and they weren't aimed specifically at me, they were still much appreciated.

Best wishes


Thank you both Hergernt for your heartfelt, touching words; I'm sure it will mean a lot to the family, friends and carers reading this.

And thank you Pattyb for offering to share your experiences of what must be a very hard situation. Please get in touch by email or phone on:



I look forward to hearing more and seeing how we can support you.

Many thanks,


it is fantastic that all the people that care are mentioned. I would be lost without my lovely son, not only does he look after me because of copd and other health problems he looks after his dad who has severe arthritis and suffering the effects of a failed hip replacement.He also works full time and runs his own travel buisness. Up until february of last year he also looked out for his grandad even though he lived 2 hours away he phoned every night to make sure he was ok and visited him as often as he could and did the jobs he could not do due to him also having copd sadly we lost him last year on feb 8th. I constantly feel guilty that at 30 his life consists of looking after us and working, he has recently got a german shepherd puppy which has brought alot of laughter and sunshine into his life and his relaxing time is spent with her taking her to training classes etc , but I know he must be missing out on alot but he never complains. he really does put the care into the word carer, ontop of all this his sister is autstic with cercbal palsy and he takes me to visit her every 2nd wednesday and does all the lifting. SO to all you carers a massive big thank you from the heart .

That really is an astounding read; thank you for sharing. What an incredible son you have.

BLF Family, friends and carers project are collecting people's stories and experiences of caring for someone with lung disease. Would your son like to be in touch to share his?



Many thanks, Katie(BLF family, friends and carers project development officer)

Yes he would like to be in touch to share as it may help other carers. Just let us know when and how is the best way to do it please Thanks so much for all your hard work at the blf.

Thank you to those who have called to share their stories - the BLF would not be able to improve services without input from you.

If you would still like to contact us to share your experiences caring for someone with a lung condition then get in touch with our project development assistant:


020 7688 5593

We look forward to hearing from you!

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