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To all the carers

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Your not very often prioritised here and theres not many ( if any ) posts about your daily lives putting up with us , please dont think we take you for granted ( even though we sometimes do) its just we get lost in this illness and forget who we are, what we are and our contribution to our daily lives .

A simpld thank you to all you caring carers out there who help make our lives so much better


29 Replies
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That’s a very kind and thoughtful post Dave. Very much appreciated. Xxx🥰❤️

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soulboy118 in reply to sassy59

your all wonderful carol x

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sassy59 in reply to soulboy118

Thank you. Xx😘

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Aaaah so thoughtful. Thanks 😊😘

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I do agree.

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That’s a lovely post Dave! Thanks 😊

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soulboy118 in reply to madonbrew

your welcome

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madonbrew in reply to soulboy118

How u doing?

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soulboy118 in reply to madonbrew

good thanks mb , but thats the stock answer most men give , actually ive given myself a talking to , i got complacent and started to not pull my weight hence all this walking and cooking doing the dishes and actually ventured inside a supermarket today , as to me personally i always get through things so im ok

Hope everythings ok with you , take care


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madonbrew in reply to soulboy118

Ah we all need a talking to sometimes! I’m well impressed that you ventured into a supermarket today! Our Sainsburys had moved everything and I was with my dad who didn’t stop moaning the whole way round that meat and fish is cheaper in Morrisons! 😂

I’m doing ok too. Extra meds for the asthma to try and improve the PF…all a bit crazy amount but it’s helping a bit I think!

And going to see The Lion 🦁 King on Friday at Southampton!

Take care Dave 🦔

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soulboy118 in reply to madonbrew

and you , enjoy the lion king

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very thoughtful post , I really applaud this post!and I’m sure will lift some spirits! 🌹

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soulboy118 in reply to Maggie_Mae

it was meant to MM

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Maggie_Mae in reply to soulboy118

well done!

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Us sick ones need to realize that our loved ones are stressed with not knowing what tomorrow will bring. They get depressed. Tired. They are giving their life up to an extent to care for us. They’ve no idea how long we’ll be around. What the ride will be like. What they will do when we are gone. Lots of thoughts go through our minds. Let’s not forget our loved ones, caregivers are having many thoughts & unanswered questions as well!!

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soulboy118 in reply to Maricopa

hear hear m

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I Thank my Daughter and Granddaughter who really look after me and my hubby. Although working my daughter finds the time to do everything for me. My Granddaughter knows my medication well, and although only 14yrs old rushes with it when I have an episide. They are my lifesavers and my wonderful family. I am truly Blessed.also gets lots of cuddles as they both live here as My daughter is a single Mum. Never complains and we go out for meals and lovely shopping trips etc 🙌🙏🙏⚘💔xxSheila

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soulboy118 in reply to garshe

families are everything G

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garshe in reply to soulboy118

Our plans were to sell our 5 bedroom house and retire to a nice little bungalow and bank the profit.

That idea went out of the window when my daughter came back home when she was 4 mths pregnant after her fiance of 5yrs decided he didn't want the baby they had planned for

Thank goodness we had a big enough house for tg5em to move back here Darcy is now 14yrs old and they are still here .

My daughter has a boyfriend in Winconsim but wont move out there because of my COPD. I have begged them to go but maybe one day.

Love having them here and we are a perfect family. Also have my eldest daughter who moved from West Sussex after 20yrs back to Wales and is living 5 mins away with her husbsnd. My grandson is 31yrs living close with his fiance.

I am very fortunate indeed and count my blessings every single day .🙏👍

I would love to see my daughter and Granddaughter setlled before I leave this World 🙏🙏xxSheila 💕💕

Taking me ages to write this with all all the gooblygoo goorepeating itself. A nignightmar nightmare xx

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Totally agree. My hubby is my rock. I have no idea what I would do without him. I also have RA & Epilepsy so he really is chief cook bottle washer & chauffeur all rolled into one. We also care for our 44 year old daughter who now lives with us who is mostly in bed with severe ME amongst other things. I feel like I’ve ruined his life certainly not what we expected our lives to be. So yes a great big thank you to all the carers out there x

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Definitely second that, Dave. Many thanks for all the wonderful carers out there who battle on in often thankless situations.

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soulboy118 in reply to Ergendl


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Thank you for thanking them

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Thats so nice Dave. Yes a great big thank you to all the lovely carers that help their loved ones each and every day. I live alone and dont have that but am lucky to have a couple of good friends that help me out from time to time x

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I also live alone, my younger daughter comes 3 times weekly to help me, or we sometimes go out together, we went on short holiday to Anglesey last week, couldn’t manage without her, and I’ve very grateful for all she does for me. Takes her over 45 minutes or more to get here, may have to move to be closer to her, but I’ve lived here for 64 years since getting married.

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soulboy118 in reply to Morrison10

moving is hard but needs must M10

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i hsvent got family near only one i hear from is my baby (little)sister down in cheltenham every sunday it not bad unles she got yhe grznd kids there ghen the younger tries either grab the phone or disconects us rest of i dont hear ftom from my younger brother near christmas.

So I'm all by myself i dont want be all by myself any more as the song goes no family to busy caring for parents whilst the rest of the family get married got their iwn homes and had kuds and their kids have had kids in some casse. Apert ftom a lttle friend who keeps me company throught the day until its home time im sometimes lucky i get to keep her for a while. While they either go out to buisness does or holidays so i get companh until they come home.

But mainly by my self no one to care or help me.

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soulboy118 in reply to Pipswhips

theres always help out there pw

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i used to have a care co ordinator who was a great help if had problem with meds she sorted had diffcult getting appointment gp she sorted even chading up hospital sppointments she fid evdn if i just wanted a natter i could ring up and talk but red tape she tried to get appointment for domeone couldnt get a gp yo take to coild grt a f2f so she boojed a spot tand they came ip why did you do that for hot a patient who needs to see a dr and a coils get anyone thats way so she got better offer and no red tape and more mo ey

Working at on of the surgerywhat used to dealwith once a week and i miss her and they gavfnt hot any one to replace her yet the advertised for two post out of house takes about amonth ir two to trsin andthe monthlater they will be employed at sud gery but how long.

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