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Not sure about COPD


First blog so here goes, I am 54 and an ex-smoker, gave up 26years ago. Last August experienced breahlessness and went to A&E, was given steroids and inhaler, since then have had more inhalers and steroids and antibiotics but I am still coughing daily and still out of breath if I try to walk faster than strolling pace. I still haven't been told whether I have asthma or COPD, seeing nurse again today. Anyway that's enough for now, love the forum, been interesting to read.


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Hello and Welcome Christine. I hope you get a definite diagnosis soon. x

Let us know what the nurse says, lots of help and advice and humour on this site, keep blogging,

Lib x

Hello Christine and welcome.

Hope you get things sorted soon.

Kim xxxx

Hello Christine :) So glad you took the plunge with your first blog. Unfortunately, one of the side effects of inhalers is to make us cough :( I've coughted on a daily basis for the past 20 odd years ........ lol.

Fingers crossed you'll get a diagnosis in the very near future that will enable you to plan your life around it, and hopefully you'll live a relatively normal life :)


Big welcome and hullo -- not prepared to make comments on your condition, but i have bronchiectasis and asthma. Subject to chest infections periodically although the summer is the worse - pollen count. Possible you may have a lung function test. I get short of breathe and move slowly with the aid of a rollator. I have a buggie. I like to have rescue me.

It is good to have a look around the site - so much information. You can always ring the BLF nurse if you have questions. They are friendly and efficient. Love Annie80

Hi Christine hope you'll let us know how you progress. I too when trying to walk faster get very quickly out of breath and take spiriva seretide and ventolin and wonder is it an anxiety thing because of having to accept being slower at everything. I'm sure you'll be fine once you know you have the right medication.

Thanks for all your comments

Welcome to the community Christine.


welcome knitterman,

please don't take COPD as a answer to being so breathless, i was diagnosed with COPD

in august last year, and was taken in to hospital in december as an emergency, because i was so breathless, about 8-9 days later i was diagnosed with throat cancer, it wasn't COPD at all,

so please keep on at your doctor how breathless you are and tell him you need to see a


my consultant knew straight that my breathlessness wasn't COPD,

i hope you get it sorted out

rose x

Hi Christine & welcome to this site!I just stumbled upon it in my e-mail,,everone is so helpful & i've learned a lot ! My hubby has been diagnosed with COPD & the lung function test shows he only has 33% lung capacity. HOpe yours is better than that..ask you dr to have one .It tells a lot. Good luck

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