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No chest infection

Sunday started a noisy cough and coughing up thick yellow gunge which is something I rarely do but no tight chest feeling, panicked and started on the steroids and abs, went to Doctors yesterday, no chest infection,

I find it difficult to know when I have an infection but safer rather than sorry is my New Years resolution. Also asked him about my collar bone that I banged whilst sleep walking, he said it had 'sprung'. tried explaining to me what that meant but just went in one ear and out the other like it does when you're at the surgery.

Lumpy bone that has appeared will probably always be there, but I can live with a lumpy bone - got enough of them.

Amazing that knowing I havn't an infection I suddenly feel good, going to tackle the ironing soon.

Heard a blackbird first thing and a vixen calling in the night - signs of a not far away Spring.

Lib x

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That's good news Libby. I too am never quite sure whether I have an infection or not. I've only had one in 10 years, so don't have much to measure it by.

Lynne xx

Dont know if this helps or not, but my Doctor gave me a specimen jar to keep at home,and an undated path.form.So when I suspect I might have an infection,I drop the specimen into the pathology,and ring and get the results from him a couple of days later.Then if I need to see him,make an appointment.

Keep feeling well,I have some ironing to do to,can I drop it into you?!! LOL

Wendells xxx

Drop the ironing in Wendells, I'll have it done in no time. Thanks for advice.

Lib x

Hi, glad to hear that you haven't got an infection.I sometimes struggle to know if I have an infection or not. At the Pulmonary rehab course I was told the following:- If two of the following symptoms worsen start taking the antibiotics and steroids - more breathless, more coughing and/or coloured sputum. I always take that advice now - Good luck - stay well. Auntymary xx

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