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Breathe Easy Christmas lunch.

We had our Christmas lunch yesterday it was fantastic, the weather was kind so no-one was wet and cold. We had the most delishious food, a menu of Turkey, Lamb or Fish with great starters and puddings.

It was loveley to see lots (33) of our members, friends and family having a wonderfull time, lots of poorly people enjoying themselves laughing and singing along to 50's music played by a duo who regularly entertain us. Many of our members live alone so it was Christmas with friends yesterday.

As a bonus we also made £119 pounds from the raffle of donated prizes.

So if you have never been to a Breathe Easy meeting go along in the new year it's worth it.

polly xx

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Thats wonderful Polly.So glad you had such a great time, along with other family and friends.How lovely for them!

It sounds as though you have a great group there.Hugs Wendells xxx


I'm glad you enjoyed it Polly, sounds like great fun. Unfortunately I don't have a Breath Easy group near enough to me but I'm hoping they one day spread this way. :)


That sounds brilliant and glad you all had a good time. The only downside is that you cannot keep that money (your money!) to treat yourselves later in the year .... it has to go to the BLF I believe.


It is true Breathe Easy is full of kindness and friendship


That sounds wonderful! I'm so pleased you all had fun,just wish there was a group near me,still cant complain I'm very grateful to be able to talk to everyone here. :) xxx


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