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Treating myself again!

The other day I wrote about my monthly massage which is one of my treats. Well I am not sure if this is a treat but I have just taken delivery of my Christmas present I have treated my self to a SAD light. I didn't go overboard I got one from Maplins and it only cost £45 just in case it doesn't work then I wont feel so hard done to. I will now see if it will help with the low feeling I got because of the COPD and as they say nothing ventured nothing gained. Has anyone else tried one?

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I haven't tried one but I will be very interested to hear how you get on with it. Good luck. x


What is a SAD light?? I am intrigued!! Please enlighten me,xx


Wendells it is a light that mimics - sort of - daylight and is supposed to lift people who suffer from winter blues. This link will explain it better


I have one and it is fantastic. I've had it about 2 years now and an hour in the morning and perhaps another at night really helps. I don't use it on sunny winter days, but I do on dark, damp days.

Mine is a phillips. The one piece of advice I would give (as I was when I had mine) is to buy one with the highest LUX rating you can afford.

Lynne xx


My husband has a SAD light and if he doesn't use it every day he gets depressed. Personally I find the light from it gives me a headache!

Good luck with it and Happy Christmas.



Thanks for the explanation! Dont think i''ll need it here, in sunny hot Qld. lol.

Sounds a good idea though, in colder climates.


We have ours on every day in the winter from when we get up till about mid-day, we bought it when my husband was having panic attacks and touch wood it seems to help.

Hope you find it of benefit.

polly xx


I've been wondering about one of these for a long time, I'm sure I suffer from SAD syndrome and have done for years. Was thinking about Vit D but think you need to know what your doing and probably with everyone else take a large enough amount of drugs anyway. Will be very interested to know how you get on, many thanks ! Xx Kate


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