kapre i am new to this so i will try not to bore any one ,

i have had (copd) for nine years and cross your fingers i feel quite well at the moment, as my consultant has put me on antibiotics that i take every day .i am really scared of the winter as i seem to go from one infection to another, any how at the moment alls well , i like my nurse she is great and when i have been in hospital she has been there for me , i dont like going in to hospital ,as i feel i do not get the care that i get at home as i have a wonderful husband who helps me a lot even tho he has got his own health problems.anyhow we muddle along i cannot think of much more to say so will go

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  • Never talk about boring anyone. I dont think anyone in this forum is bored by anything, just ready to help wherever needed. I dont have copd (touch wood) but bronchiectasis with the inevitable chest infections. I am sure that someone will pop in to offer you copd advice.

    Happy Christmas and a peaceful new year, love Anniexx

  • Hi Kapre,I am fairly new to the site also,and so many people out there are so caring.You say you have had copd for 9 years,how wonderful you have a caring husband,and also a nurse that you get along with so well.That is at least 2 positives in your life.Have you tried the pulmonary rehab,as that can be an eye opener sometimes,and will improve your fitness levels.

    Happy Xmas to you & your husband,Wendells xx

  • i go to pulmery rehab and it has done me the woeld of good would reccomend any body to try it.if possible...xx

  • hi wendells i was looking at your posts and noticed you have a poodle we have had standard poodles for about forty years they were such a joy, sorry i just wanted to sayhi to another dog lover hope you didnt mind, best wishes kapre

  • Welcome to the site Kapre. x

  • Look forward to hearing more from you. Take care x x

  • Hi Karpe and welcome u will never bore anyone on this site, were all in same boat and its good place to share problems as well as the good things that happen. You take care xxx

  • thanks to every one , out there take care bless you

  • Welcome kapre.Chat as much as you like. We're all good listeners here.

  • A very warm welcome to you kapre.


  • A big warm welcome Kapre. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Lynne x

  • Hi Kapre nice to hear from you. Welcome to the site.

    Keep blogging...

    Bev xx

  • Hi Kapre good to hear from you - you chat away as much as you like its nice to hear you have such a surportive husband and you will find lots of friendly and helpful people on this site too. Take care and welcome BBxx

  • Hello Kapre! nice to meet you ,to meet you nice!!! great you are feeling well and long may you continue feeling as well as you can! love Carol xxx

  • hi Kapre - what a lovely blogname :) x

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