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Interesting day yesterday

I had my chest clinic check up yesterday and my son took me, whilst we were waiting the COPD awareness team were doing spirometer tests in reception. So my son who is one of those who anything going he will do it, did the test, now he joked around with the lady and said after being around me for 38 years he doubted his lung capacity would be great but as he doesn't smoke himself maybe he stood a chance! Chance!! haha! his lungs showed his age to be approx....................under 20 I could have spit lol. Just not right is it because for years I was told I was ruining the health of those around me by smoking but my self imposed restriction of where I smoked must have worked. (I am joking about it not being fair by the way)

Anyway I then went in to see the doctor and came out with a prescription for 8 weeks worth of antibiotics to take one twice a week to see if that will keep my infections at bay, never heard of this before but I will try anything. Otherwise I wasn't too bad.

But to cap it all when I left the clinic and behind the building were two of the nurses having a fag you would think they would know better!

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Ah Jan, the nurses should know better, but then so should we all! I know others who take constant antibiotics and it seems to help them so I hope it works for you. Auntymary xx


I take antibiotics 3 times a week. I think its been a huge success (she typed tempting fate....)

I am sure you will find a difference too.

Marie x

I saw specialist 3 weeks ago she has advised weekly antibiotics as I usually have a flare up every 2 mnths but I have to wait till I have another flare up and have a sputum test done my sister in austrailia has COPD and she has had antibiotic through winter for last 3 years .When I asked mentioned it to community matron she said we dont do that here because of hospital infections .

This is interesting, I always understood that you become immune to antibiotics and you shouldn't take them too often. A couple of months ago my breathing was really bad and I was given a course of steroids (usually need them about 3 times a year), but they didn't make any difference. Then I was given a course of antibiotics even though I had no signs of an infection, and another course of steroids, after which I felt quite a bit better. I wonder if having the antibiotics made the difference?


I think azithromycin is a very low level antibiotic - I think one tablet works for 72 hours or something - hence you take it 3 times a week. I too always thought the more antibiotics you took the more immune to them you become. Like I say I have found it has made a real difference to me - but I know that some people are intolerant.

Marie x

Hi Marie, thanks for your reply. I'll ask my copd nurse about this next time she comes. Libby

Great story :D

Lynne xx

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