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Happy biking days

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My late husband first started riding motorbike whilst doing his National Service, and I rode pillion for few years. We gave up biking when got work car. He was day older than me, and as approached our 60th birthdays one of his work colleagues was selling a classic bike, and we decided our present to ourselves would be to buy, and start riding again. He took it out few times on his own, then I joined him, and the years fell away! As we were both working long hours, only had weekends, but it was great to go exploring country lanes etc. Happy memories.

20 Replies
corriena profile image

Briliant, i had one of those .happy days ,i realy do miss my bike

Morrison10 profile image
Morrison10 in reply to corriena

Me too. We were riding a Blackbird when out together, last time was late autumn 2016, before his prostate cancer killed him in Feb 2017. I also rode a 125 Yamaha until lost strength to wheel it about etc.

sassy59 profile image

That’s wonderful Jean, good to get back out on a bike once again. Pete used to have a Honda 175 and it was his pride and joy. Xxx

Greenthorn profile image

I bet there was a big whoosh of freedom when you first rode together on the newly acquired classic motorbike. Probably one of the best decisions and best investments you ever made together. ❤️

Stratos20 profile image

Oh nice bike 👍🏼

Morrison10 profile image
Morrison10 in reply to Stratos20

Thanks, are you or where you biker?

Stratos20 profile image

I had a Honda 50 when I was 16. Loved it. That was in 1965. I’ve only been on pillion since. My husband has had a few bikes. The last one a 1999 Special Edition Ducati Monstro. The Italian flag on the tank. Wish we still had it ☹️

Morrison10 profile image
Morrison10 in reply to Stratos20

Nice. Yes, I regret can’t ride anymore, but have the classic Jag we bought off friend when he was diagnosed with motor neurone disease, for when we couldn’t ride anymore, hope I’m well enough to go out in it tomorrow with daughter who loves driving it. Best regards Jean.

Stratos20 profile image
Stratos20 in reply to Morrison10

Oh me too. Classic Jag. Envy emerging 😝 Happy travelling Jean. Best wishes Diane 😘

watergazer profile image
watergazer in reply to Morrison10

Sounds like fun x

Now that is one beautiful bike ☺️☺️

Izb1 profile image

I dont know enough about bikes but this looks impressive Morrison x

Nickcv profile image

44 years on from passing my test and still going strong :)

Triumph Trident 660
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Alberta56 in reply to Nickcv

That looks a super bike. xxx

Morrison10 profile image
Morrison10 in reply to Nickcv

That’s lovely bike, glad you can still ride, long may continue, best wishes, Jean

winabago profile image

Great looking bike, relish the memories.

Alberta56 profile image

What a lovely memory.

Thepainterswife profile image

What great memories Jean . My dad progressed from a push bike to a small Norton in the early fifties then a bigger BSA and finally a motorbike and sidecar before buying the first of several Reliant Robins and eventually taking a test and getting a car with four wheels when the last Reliant ended up overturned on a roundabout ! I have such happy memories of that sidecar , mum riding pillion and me with my head sticking through the roll back roof 😂 great times x

Morrison10 profile image
Morrison10 in reply to Thepainterswife

It’s great to have lovely memories. Glad you enjoyed days in sidecar, I’ve never been in one, think it will have been really happy days.x

rat69 profile image

great you were biking again -mobility scooter now instead of my beautiful bonneville

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