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results tomorrow

Two weeks ago I had a scan and biopsy for a lump in my neck my GP sent me told me he thought it might be cancer I did mention it on somebodys blog,to do with smoking.Tomorrow I go to the hospital for results,my stomach is churning feeling quite worried,the worst of living on your own,no body to talk to.I made the mistake of looking up throat cancer on the internet,not a good idea.Sorry but just needed to tell someone

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Lets hope the results are good for you or that it is treatable. Fingers crossed.

It can be heartbreaking to read some of the stuff on the Internet. Always try and stick with reputable UK sites, like the NHS or BLF, and take the American sites with a pinch of salt as many of them are sponsored by the big drug companies.

The BLF helpline opens at 10am if you've time to give them a call for some reassurance before you go for the results.

You do have people to talk to, right here :-) A problem shared...

Everything crossed for you for tomorrow Maggie.

I know it's hard but try not to get too worked up until you know the results. I live by the philosophy of not worrying about things you cannot change. Save your energy for the next steps, whatever they may be. Good luck. Auntymary xx

good luck Maggie I will cross everything I have for you,,,, :)

Good luck & best wishes Maggie xx

Keeping everything crossed, I'm sure it will be fine.

Kim xxx

Good luck with the results tomorrow, keeping fingers crossed for you that your worries of it being throat cancer prove to be unfounded.

Please let us know how you get on.

All good wishes zoee.

To each of you a BIG thank you for your good wishes. Please be careful you dont trip keepin

g everything crossed, joking aside, it means a lot to know somebody cares Maggie xx will let you know outcome tomorrow


Good luck for tomorrow I am sure all will g well with the results.

Try not to worry to much, stay positive. There is always support on here no matter what the time of day or night is.


Good luck Maggie.I will say a prayer for you.

Richard Cornish

Best wishes Maggie,Hope all goes well for you.We will all say a prayer for

Will have everything crossed for you tomorrow.

I hope you have someone to go with you. I also live on my own but I belong to another private group on FB and they are a great support and if no-one in my family can do hospital visits with me then they do. There is nothing worse than worrying by yourself. But there are some good people on here to support you

Janet xxxx

Thank you again for your good wishes and prayers you have no idea what a help its think you are all alone and then come the lovely people on here so supportive and kind. .My granddaughter phoned me this evening she has kindly said she will go with me.Maggie xx

just seen this, best of luck for you tomorrow, be positive. xx

good luck maggie and stay away from research I did that and regretted it now I stick with blf and nhs let us all know how it went on

Good luck Maggie - will keep you in my thoughts today. xx

Good luck today Maggie,thinking of you xx

I know how you feel it is difficult sometimes being alone but am hoping all goes well for you today.... let me know how you get on. xx

just realised you live in the same neck of the woods as I used to ..... Winchester. Am now in Cardiff and soooo wish I could go back. Take care xx

Good luck for today. I am thinking of you too.

Lynne xxx

Good luck for today.

Really pleased your grandaughter is going to go along with you

xxx :)

I hope it goes well. Will be thinking of you.


Good luck. This sort of thing is not easy. Glad you have company. Thinking of you. Xx

Thank you all for your lovely messages and support will let you know tonight xx

Good Luck maggiemay42

We are all thinking of you!


Good luck for today, everything crossed.

polly xx

Good luck Maggie and hope all goes well. Let us know how you get on if you can. xxxx

The very best of luck to you Maggie,thinking of you ,sending love and lots of hugs xxxxxxx

Maggie I hope your results were good wishing you all the best hope you can post back and let us know how you got on. Thinking of you.

Hi Maggie, so sorry to hear the news but I must tell you to ask for options. Many yrs ago when therepy for cancer was very new my mother was diagnosed with throat cancer. The throat surgeon thought she should have her voice box removed but she was adamant she could not do that as she loved to sing and of course to talk. The upshot was she was given various choices (one of which was to do nothing, she had 3 months to live) she chose radium therapy on the throat. The good news is she lived for a further 25 years and did not die of cancer. The moral of all this is to ask for your options. Treatment now is so varied. Ask for advice and if you need support ask for it. Macmillan nurses to name just one band of wonderful people. Good luck Maggie. I shall think of you. Please let us know how you got on. Maximonkey.

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