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New Inhaler question.

I've been given a new inhaler and my breathing seems to be much clearer, do you think this could improve my fev1 result next time I have a spiromerty test ? Does anyone have any experience of this or is this just wishful thinking on my part....? Ps it's a take as needed type.

Kindest regards warren

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Sometimes a change of inhaler can help. The steroid (brown) ones seem to be the type most people need time to settle on. I went through a few different ones before I found one that suited me, in the way it helped my chest as well as not causing problems in my throat.

You don't say what inhaler it is, the blue are supposed to be the 'as needed' ones and they usually ask you not to take them ahead of a test. It may be a case of 'suck it and see'.


Hi Warren. I found benefit when spiriva was added - is that your new inhaler too ?


I initially thought of Spiriva, but then saw the comment about 'take as needed', which isn't right for Spiriva of course. That should be used daily, around the same time if possible, to give the correct 34 hour action.

Likewise the Green, Purple or Brown inhalers, to be used as directed, daily. It should only be the blue that is give to be used 'as needed', although many have this as '2 puffs 4 times a day'. I don't know why that is as it's a reliever.

I know that some advise to use the blue ahead of doing anything strenuous, but I've never understood why it's prescribed for four doses a day like that?

By the way, I'm trying to stick to colours when describing inhalers in general like this, as it gets confusing to use the brand names as not everyone has the same. ;-)


Your FEV result is affected by how well you are doing at the time of the test, a new inhaler could aid this, and when you are having a good breathing day. Recovering from a cold or chest infection, as well as weather conditions that narrow the airways will not be helpful to your FEV results. FEV results can go up and down and back up again. When someones FEV% continues on a downward spiral that is when the consultant or doc is likely to monitor patients more closely.


Hi, all thanks for the replies, briefly, I have just change my doctor, he changed my old sprivia which was a mist type, said that the mist type was out dated change me over to the disk type he suggested the blue inhaler, felt better as soon as I took it,felt like I could inhale bigger breaths.

I need to improve my spriomerty as it's a work related test and I have to be within a certain range I was near to the acceptable limit on my last test, my next test is three months I really need a 4 % increase so I was hoping new inhaler might help.

Am I not surposed to take it before a test?




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