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Steroids and shingles

I've been on steroids a long time and immunosuppressants. My dad has today been diagnosed with shingles. My side effects leaflet has always warned about coming into contact with people with chicken pox and shingles. But it's not explicit about whether its still meaningful if you have already had chickenpox? I'm going to ring my GP surgery tomorrow but just wondered if anyone had a quick answer?

Thanks. Marie x

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I think you are wise Marie to check with your GP. I don't know the answer but would say best to stay away until you get more information. I would be interested to hear what your doc says about this.

All good wishes



I made this enquiry of my own gp a couple of yrs ago. The answer was that it's highly unlikely to cause a problem.

FF x


Thanks. Looking on line it would appear the issue is if you haven't had chickenpox as you can't catch shingles. It all seems quite complicated. I'll give the surgery a ring tomorrow just to be on the safe side though. Thanks again

Marie x


You can only get shingles if you have already had chickenpox because the chickenpox virus remains dormant in your system once you have had it and can be triggered again at any time. However, when I went to my GP for my flu jab this year I was offered a shingles jab too. It does not prevent you from getting shingles but if you do get it is supposed to be less serious.May be worth asking your GP about that too.


Hi every one. My husband had shingles in his head 19 months ago the blister were horendus. He still suffers with neve pain even now he can't stand a Combe through his hair and his scalp is all crusty any one know of treatment for this please reply

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