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Need to know whats wrong with me , and treatments ??

Im new to this site , three and a half months ago ( and off work on the sick ), i had very bad pains in my chest and back , i also smoked 20-30 fags a day . went to docs had blood tests and told i had a lung infection and possible blood clots , had injection in my stomache for blood clots and a CT scan , stopped smoking straight away , CT scan showed no blood clots ,but i had a pleural infection on my right lung , told it was pleurasy , given a course of antibiotics. went back to consultant had another x-ray and CT scan , the infection had turned into a solid mass , given more anti-biotics and steroids . had more blood tests and x-rays and another CT scan the infection had cleared in my right lung , but i now had an infection in my left lung ( pneumomonia ) . was sent for a pleural affusion biopsy , also more blood test x-ray . was told i may have auto-immune desease, which has stopped the anti-biotics from working . all this time still having the same chest pains and breathlessness . been back to work for a week and a half . Consultant now sent me for heart scan and a lung capacity test .I have been given a blue inhaler and a brown inhaler , these help to open may air ways , but they are not treating the infection . my lungs feel like they are half filled with concrete and only half of my lung is getting any oxygen , need something to clear the infection , and just one lung full of fresh air would be good . getting very concerned about this now !!!!

Thanks Mike.

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Hi Mike,

Welcome to the site.

Pleurasy, pneumomonia, chest pains and breathlessness - make no wonder you're anxious to figure out what's wrong and how to deal with it.

You could do with some more advice and information on the inhalers you have been given. Blue is a reliever, you have a couple of puffs of that when you have problems breathing - but it's only meant to be used a few times a day. Quite a lot of GP's issue them with the instruction '2 puffs 4 times a day', what they don't seem to pass on is the information as to when to take the dose.

The brown inhaler is a steroid, to reduce the inflammation of when you cough. If you make yourself sore with coughing then it gets worse without something working to combat the dame the coughing has done.

03000 030 555 if the number of the British Lung Foundation helpline. They are open Mon-FRi from 10am to 6pm. Give them a call and explain, they can get a specialist nurse to call you back and go over your personal situation and advice what to do next.

It may be that you'll be given another inhaler or treatment that is designed to prevent your breathing from becoming bad by keeping the airways open, rather than treating them after you have difficulties.

There are a lot of us on here who have gone through similar situations. It's always good to talk and get advice then you're in a better position to go to your GP and get the treatment needed. Amazing how many GP's are being educated by their patients knowing more about these things than they do...


Thanks gordon , glad i found this site spent 3 1/2 months off work wish id found it earlier . will keep you up dated as i get more treatment . thanks again.



You need to speak to a COPD nurse as the inhalers you have may not be fully effective if you're not using them properly. Someone with the specialist knowledge may change or add to what you have. I don't want to be giving 'advice' on this as everyone is different and the consultant may have specific reasons for not giving you a preventer inhaler.

Until they've finished testing they may not want to commit to one type of treatment or another to rid you of the infection. If antibiotics are not working then they may have to find some other way. Again, not for me to speculate. All I can do is suggest you get advice and then you will know the questions to be asking.


wise words gordon, I admire the way you take time to answer all queries,


Ditto nellie 15, Gordon is brill !!x


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