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more oxygen?

I rang the helpline the other day because I had a worry. spoke to a very nice nurse who gave me advice.Following that advice I rang the resp nurse and she is coming out to see richard t reassess his oxygen.Since being on the new drug regime he is eating better and looking better, and hasnt had an infection for 2 whole months, but his breathing is definitely getting worse, and even with 02 at 2l, he is going blue tinged on any movements. When we go out and I push him in his chair he has the amb 02 on 3l, yet when he gets out to go to the toilet he has turned blue by the time he comes out. He now wees in a bottle to save trips upstairs, I found an old glass spaghetti jar, just the job .It is the natural [progression of the illness but I wondered if he needed his 02 turning up, hence the visit from the nurse, so thanks blf.

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You will need to wait for further oxygen assessment before changing the prescription.




Taking pulse oximeter readings as a guideline that can be used when a call for your oxygen nurse is a safer guide than waiting for physical symptoms. Discusssing this with your oxygen nurse can assist very busy nurses manage Richard with your information, you are already a great carer and with the correct help you will be more effective.

You are a star wishing you and the family good news


My hubby sometimes uses an empty comfort bottle, much lighter than glass and has a screw top


he cut the top off a plastic water bottle and was gonna use that but it was all rough and sharp, I told him, if you coughed or sneezed while piddling and it got stuck, you'll be presenting yourself at a and e by yourself


Hi hunny,

I'll send you a message on fb!


Hi All

Just read through the tread of blogs . Re using spag jars and comfort bottles to wee in. You should be able to get a urine bottle via your GP or District Nurses, ring your surgery and ask. Bye for now



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