Some causes of excess mucus and a few ideas on how to thin it out

Hi Folks!

I had a strange thing happen to me recently so I thought I'd pass along what I discovered.

I had such a problem with mucus in my nose and throat I could hardly breathe. I tried saline sprays, neti pots, nasal decongestants, etc but nothing helped.

I happened to do a web search for "too much mucus" and discovered the Soy Milk I'd been drinking causes excess mucus. I stopped drinking it immediately and within three days the mucus was reduced by at least 75%.

I also discovered some other culprits: coconut, dairy (of course), citrus (such as orange juice and lemonade).

Here are some new solutions that seem to work at reducing the mucus. I;ve tried them and they are helpful

Ginger ale (check the bottle to be sure it contains Ginger - some don't such as Schweppes)

Ginger tea

Ginger root capsules

Pineapple juice and canned or fresh pineapple

Then there are the old remedies

Mucinex, N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC)

Just my two cents. HOpe this helps someone

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  • Thank you the tips as my mucus is really getting me down feeling sick with it xxx

  • Airbags - That's how I felt too. Check your diet because some foods and drinks are really bad for us. I did forget to mention that smoking (even one cig per day) can also cause the excess mucus. My brother-in-law quit smoking for two weeks and his life long nasal congestion cleared up. He did return to smoking and the congestion returned.

  • I don't luckily have a lot of trouble with mucus but this is really good information as I find ginger very soothing and it helps to know why now and the different uses. Never thought to check the Schweppes ingredients would have thought unnecessary but can just change the brand of ginger ale and have to leave off the orange juice now unfortunately. The relief I'm experiencing from excess mucus at the moment is the Mucadyne tablets recently received on prescription although I was unsure of them at first. Many thanks copdiving!

  • copdiving ,that,s very interesting ,i discovered an apple and ginger juice ,it's yummy, it is pricey , but throat mucous has been much less , but i hadn't connected the facts ,.i went to buy some more,....they were waiting for further stock,i will stock up when .waitrose get some more in .it is made by.CAWSTON PRESS,if anyone is interested. thank you,xx

  • Thank you, copdliving. Any information on how to reduce or help clear mucus is a real help to me.

  • Try ginger cinnamon stick 2 bay leaf and suger about 1 teaspoon put

    in small saucpan and bring to boil add 4 clove and simmer for 2 to 3 min

    strain in to cup and zip it . I it do not lisan taste nice but it do break

    the mucas down .i forgot. Not to much ginger as it will be to hot

  • Marvelous, thankyou very much. My dad has loads of mucus too and I never thought that orange juice would do that. He drinks loads to get the Vitamin C. As maruth said, I will try and get my hands on the apple and ginger juice.

    Sometimes making the simplest changes can have the biggest effect.

  • good tip on the soya copdiving, thanx. I do the "raw green juice" every day.... must be raw for the enzymes, mostly put raw ginger root in too. Juice that is sold in packets and bottles has been heated so the enzymes are dead, it can't have the same thereputic affect.

  • where do you get the raw green juice ? thanks julie

  • Julie I make it in my "masticating" juicer at home. I use apples, curley kale, cucumber, ginger, any greens left in veg box or garden, even a few young dandelion leaves !

    what you are looking for is the raw veg which has chlorophyl and enzymes in it.

    this can all be chucked in the blender instead, then just add some apple or orange juice to thin it. the raw mix is alkaline.

    3 years ago I was very ill with many of the things we read about on here. very bad lung congestion/infection, blood in urine and GP said I also needed gallbladder removed. hiatus burning prob too.

    I got lucky... found a book called "A New Health Era" by William Howard Hay MD, a doctor from US written 1934. I read it until I understood all written in there, It all made sense to me.

    I did what Hay said and became much better. I no longer take any omeprazole. GP said don't need gallbladder removed as gallstones "not found" on last ultrasound. I don't take omeprazole now and last mucus sample was an amazing clear !!.. and I feel better, impressive I think.

    I am not saying I will never need antibiotics or help from wonderful lung specialists, just we can optimise our own body, so it can deal with these serious

    lung/health problems better.

    Julie I love your open questioning mind, stay strong.


  • Thanks Zu. will try going green then :) my 6 gallstones were dissolved by Potters herbal remedy years ago. Glad to hear how your discoveries have helped you. x Julie

  • you may well have this

    tis handy

  • no, didn't have that particular list thanx, interesting... could not find millet on there, I use it often. Was impressed with your Potters gallstone dissolve, heard that camomile tea has same effect but all dissolvers take at least 6months.

  • zube - You would be amazed at the food items that contain soy products. I know I have gotten congested at times and couldn't figure out why. I'm reading labels from now on. The Schweppes ginger ale and it's lack of Ginger was a real eye opener

  • copdiving you did well to find this info, like you I will be reading labels or maybe not buy anymore "labels" again... just keep picking leaves and apples from garden, had loads of apples off my 2 small trees this year. the Schweppes was nice while it lasted no more of that then !


  • I have pulmonary fibrosis and l am awash with watery fluid and have been on soya for years but mainly on cereal l'll leave it off and see if it makes a difference. It there anyone on N-Acetyl Cysteine l found l couldn't take the sulphur l could taste it all day,

  • There is a, company called Bottle Green, they make a cordial of lemongrass and ginger it is excellent and they also do it as slightly fizzy drink too. They are local to me but it's sold in Waitrose, Tescos and Sainsburys,.

  • Bottle green is a lovely company carol, next best thing to fresh I would say..

    just love your name caroleoctober, it's good enough for a Bond moovie !


  • I have been drinking Schweppes ginger ale thinking I was drinking ginger, looked at the ingredients and yes it contains just extract of ginger and flavouring

  • buddygirl - I take NAC from time to time and have noticed the same thing.

  • have the same problem, and we don,t need it, but i found piriton tablets realy helped good luck jude aka banner

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