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Hi All,

Those that know my earlier blogs will understand when I say "Still on the UP". Have managed to get my fitness to a level which is better before I was ill. I have done that thanks to the local BLF ACTIVE Group and now attempting to take up NORDIC WALKING !

I also joined Slimming World and have lost my first half stone. Its very difficult for me as I am Milk Protein and Soya allergic. But hey, it is surprising what you can do if you concentrate on the positive. I know its easy to say, but I had to do that, otherwise I would not have been here blogging to you all.

Been a bit slower this week, got kicked by my horse, not intentional just happened to be in the place where she thought the cheeky shetland pony was and I copped it. So nice hoof print bruise but no lasting damage.

Keep well x

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Well done on all counts (except for being kicked by the horse). Exercise makes such a difference doesn't it. I can now do 20 minutes running on the spot and could barely do 4 minutes at first. I feel so much better for it.

I too have lost half a stone over the last few weeks and I want to lose another 1.5 stone.

Lynne x


Good for you, yes I bought an Elliptical Trainer and could only do 2 mins and then was at a state of collapse and gasping. Its amazing how you can progress by sticking at it. If someone had said to me I would be as active as I am now 6 months ago, I would have told them .........................! I am trying to lose another 1.5 stone too. Its a hard slog, but Im sure it will be worth it.

Good Luck x


Great news for your weight loss and your fitness getting better, onwards and upwards Val


Well done! On all counts!

I now go swimming 3 times a week and tonight I went for my second session at the gym. I need to lose weight (I've lost a stone with another couple to go) but I want improve my all round conditioning so I have a programme from the fitness instructor which is all about improving my fitness without going over a certain heart rate. I also do light weight training too.

I do feel much better for it and I can't believe I'm more active now than I have been for years, possibly ever! At diagnosis I never expected to be able to do any of this! ;-)

Marie x


Congrats on your achievements, keep up the good work ;)


Well done hunny!


Well done on all your achievements and good luck with the mordic walking.


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