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letter to my MP part 2

Well, as you all know i received a reply from my MP, Fiona McTaggart, some weeks ago and today i received another - she had written to Maria Miller at DWP on my behalf.

It is a 2 page reply.

basically it goes on and on about eligibility to receive HIGHER RATE DLA - and about cars under motability. Do they not realise there are 3 levels of payment!

I never asked for the higher rate - in fact i work so would be happy with the lowest rate as a little help towards the extra expenses i find i am now incurring.

Usual politicians way of avoiding answering a straight question!

I am not leaving it there, i will now be contacting Ms Miller for an explanation so await part 3

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Only 2 levels of DLA for mobility and 3 for care if my reading specs are working right


that is correct - there are 2 DLA (higher and lower) and 3 care ( highest, middle and lowest)


Good luck to you krazylady and cannot wait for part three. sassy59


Keep going Krazy - we are all behind you - as long as you are right, you will win! xx


HI Krazy.Keep fighting the good fight.Richard Cornish


i am just annoyed as it is obvious that they did not read my original email - just printed off a letter that is pre- written as a basic reply.

It has become clear that you just get refused point blank - whereas i bet a lot of us are actually entitled to the lower rate - with or without the care component- its only £20 but with the extra expenses we incur that little bit goes a long way!


My husband applied for DLA 2 years ago. Had ATOS medical followed 2 days later admitted to hospital for severe flare up of COPD, which Im sure was due to having to attend this medical on a cold day. Put on NIV , in HDU etc and that was followed by refusal of DLA. Appealed. Had tribunal last week and got DLA lower rate care and lower rate mobility. What a long struggled :/


This is exactly what i mean - ibecause of the reply i got i am convinced they do not read our applications because some of us must be entitled to the lower rate.

I agree i am able to walk, not far admitidly, but i am able to walk but the reply letter says nothing about anything except the higher rate being for people unable to work and to get a car on motability.

i hope this make sense - cant find my glasses !!!!!


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