Anybody tried ""once daily onbrez breezhaler please ?

Was at my local pharmacy yesterday and the very friendly and knowledgeable pharmacist gave me a leaflet on this "new" drug ,he thought it might help me a great deal.

Have my annual COPD check tommorrow ,thought I might mention it to the practise nurse,

Would greatly appreciate any feedback.

Keep puffing


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  • Have only heard of it the same as you this says something about it

  • Hi Rubberball , Many thanks for that


  • you are welcome by sharing we all learn more

  • There's plenty of information on it here and I'm going to ask my doctor, the next time I visit, if this would be suitable for me :)

  • I have been on this for 2 months now, I take it last thing at night. I have found it to be a brilliant help. I can feel the relief almost immediately. Would definately reccommed it, only downfall is as you inhale it you begin to cough, but this is explained in the instructions!! Really helping my breathing. Been to PR today & the nurse there hadn't head of it!! It is a very new inhaher tho, so she's asked me to take it along to our next meeting which I am going to do. If it can help anyone else, brilliant x

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