Hi everyone Im sure im being thick but people keep posting a link to a chat room. Is that a live one instead of a support forum like

this, I have clicked the link but cant seem to find any chat room...A chat room would be brilliant for instant gratification rather than delayed. Can someone clarify please?

In partial agreement with previous posts - Bev from Torquay lolx

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  • Oh also how do you find the emoticons please? Im quite technically dense so make it easy please! x

  • For the emticons you just type various punctuation marks for example for a smiley face it its colons for the eyes and the right bracket and the left bracket for a sad face etc :) :(

  • Thank you Daxiemad - you were quick to reply! ::)

  • try again ;;)

  • arrrrrh cant get it rite '')

  • Its long time since I left school Daxiemad - as far as I can remember the colan is : that right? Thanks x

  • Those were exclamation marks honey, so try this another way, use the key on your keyboard next to the L for open eyes or one eye winking

  • ;) :o

  • Live chat usually in ther 8pm


  • Thanks very much stitch and valm. Will go in and 'ave a look. xx

  • Thanks hypercat for asking the two questions - 1) about chatroom and 2 - about how to do emotions I didn't know the answers to either also {::} also looks after attempt one missing something!

  • How do you do the grinning one Tobyjug?


  • Just practicing

    :) ;) 0)


  • ;;;;:


    testing testing

  • oh dear back to drawing board

  • Lol maggiemay42 x

  • Love all the answers everyone. Thanks for making me laugh! :(

  • Oooops try again :)

  • :( :) :o

  • now you are just showing off hypercat

  • Yep and why not x

  • (: testing

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