I posted my first blog a couple of days ago and mentioned I was starting on Spiriva. Some of you were kind enough to welcome me and a couple of people commented that I should find the Spiriva makes a difference.

Well, I have used it for only 2 days and unless its my imagination, I think it has made an enormous difference to me. I am noticeably less breathless and feel like I have more energy. I am just hoping that my body doesn't get used to it resulting in a less noticeable benefit.


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  • Hi Lynne, sorry i didnt welcome you sooner, but i havent had chance to get on here. I am glad that Spiriva is helping you, i havent really noticed the difference from mine, my good days depend on the weather and what i am doing. I am sure it will keep on helping you. As they say, whats good for one person, isnt good for another. San x

  • Hi Lynne I haven't noticed any difference in using Spiriva, as above the weather seems to make mine worse, i still use it though as it protects the lungs and doc said to, has anybody done a peak flow meter lately is so can i ask what your reading was, just out of interest thanks x

  • Hi Lynne

    I responded to spiriva the same way when I first went on it, I also noticed it helped me to tolerate bending down better too.

    I have been on it a number of years now and I guess take for granted how much it helps.

    If you use a nebuliser its recommended to close eyes as there have been some indications medications through a nebuliser can affect the eyes after a time.

    Enjoy the new found energy and breathing ability.


  • Hello again Lnne :)

    Even if it is your imagination doing the work, that can't be all bad. Hopefully, it is the drug though. Remember to take your Sprivia at the same time each day as it's effect is 24hrs. Another good tip is to always gargle/wash out your mouth after taking the drug. Lots of people have noticed the incidence of thrush after taking steroid inhalers but this is avoidable by the gargling/rinsing out process :)

    Here's to a long and happy Spriva association ...... lol

  • Thats great :)

  • Hello Lynne

    I too welcomed Spiriva, and yes those were the benefits. I have been using it 3 years now and would not be without it, but do not notice that difference so much.

    During a recent stay in hospital I was given a twice daily nebulizer of salbutomol and acuvent and not given spiriva. This only lasted three sessions as there was agreement that the spiriva once a day suited me better. That is not the case with everyone though. We are all different.

    Good luck.


  • Respimat is not suitable for all. Often people who have more difficulty inhaling using the handihaler will be prescribed respimat.

  • Hello Lnne,

    If I could only take one medication I would choose Spiriva. It made a huge difference to my breathing. I recently went abroad on holiday and lost my capsules, so did not have Spiriva for the last two days and could feel a marked drop in my breathing. I agree with others though that it is good to gargle after using it to prevent thrush, sore throats, etc.

  • Hello Lnne,

    I too am on Spiriva & would not wish to be without it. It makes a great difference to my breathing. Yes I would agree with thosewho have advised a good gargle after use to prevent side effects of thrush.

    Best wishes

    Jo :-)

  • Thank you all about the gargling advice and your support. I am amazed how much better I have felt these last 2 days. As I said in my first post, this has all happened so quickly. 7 months ago I didn't get breathless, I felt fit and well. I think the last few weeks have really affected my mood, so this drug has been a Godsend for me.

    Lynne x

  • Spiriva is the brand name of the drug tiotropium.

    The device that pierces the capsule is called a handihaler.

    Respimat delivery of the drug may not be suitable for all, always best to check with your doc first.

  • Spiriva is actually the brand name. For more information/support try spiriva.com/

  • Thanks everyone. I understand its a brand name and the drug is triotropium, I'm just so glad it helps and for all your support x

  • Hi Lnne and wecome ,glad your finding your meds working well for you ,I have found the restpicmat better as I found the spirive made my mouth dry ,and you should wash mouth after ,hope it keeps you feeling well jac x

  • hi , I am also new to this but the Spiriva has made me feel like I have my life back , also in just a few days. Nice to have the gargle tip from others ...will help thank you

  • HI,

    Interested in all the comments about tiotropeum/spireva, never heard of restpicmat what does it contain? Was reading somewhere recently that tiotropeum inhaler could cause some adverse effects and that tablet form would be better, can anyone enlighten me further?


  • Have you noticed your mouth very dry. Also my eyes feel very tired. Have you got the same problem ?

  • Hello to everyone on the site, although joined a while ago, have not written onhere before. I have had Copd, for a number of years, and gradually got worse till now cannot walk only with my walker, and have a scooter. saw a specialist a week ago that told me I had a readingof 750 feb 1 dont understand it, he said it was half the normal reading.of a person without copd. can anyone tell me how bad or? this is . also dont understand a lot of readings I see on here, as never been told . thankyou all .

  • Hi illuminate, could you consider putting your writing up as a new post so more members can notice it? Click on the red button "Write a post" on the top right hand side.

    Regarding your question, do not worry too much about the numbers there are different systems to rate lung function with. And even if the same system is used equal numbers may affect two different people quite differently. Your specialist said your FEV 1 is about have that of a person your age without lung disease, but I stress again that this measurement is just a guide. The most important thing for you is to manage your health a well as you can: live and eat healthy, be vaccinated against flu and pneumonia, stay away from sick people to avoid infections, treat infections quickly with antibiotics etc, do some mild exercise, take your medication as described etc.

    Please spec to your GP about these measures and your concerns. Also you could ring the BLF hotline for more information, click on red balloon above. Good luck my best wishes to youxxx

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