Thought today was friday the 13th

Last night my ex came for tea we got on ever so well and I felt a glimmer of hope that she would be there for me but this morning she admitted she was not at work but meeting her new partner at the farm I do feel empty but also glad but I have enough on my plate but its ironic that the only friends I have are within these pages and mere photos in front of me of a son that I will have to now apply for access to see, no family , no friends was this the way it was supposed to be ending I dont know but my dear friend and adorted sister lynda has phoned regular today she worries bless her

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  • Reggie,

    As long as you come on here you have more friends than you can imagine - you are not alone xx

    keep smiling


  • I know thankyou for replying I know there are people out there but in this room only me and my computer thankyou

  • Reggie always feel welcome here, its great your lynda keeps in touch regularly with you.

    Did you make it along to your local breathe easy last Tuesday? Just looking at your previous post :

    More friends for you await through your local breathe easy, I'm sure. Hoping you making some good contacts in Preston soon.

    Good wishes

  • am going next month thankyou for your kind words

  • hi reggie.two weeks after i told my partner i had been diagnosed copd she turned her back on me saying she didnt think she could cope with having to look after someone with such an illness.miss compassionate or what ?

  • bit like mine am in dispair at the moment and today the answer is at the bottom of a glass thank you for your kind words

  • am sorry that life is so hard for you at the moment but its surprising how quickly things can change and a lot of time for the best. You will make lots of new friends at the Breathe easy and on here, people that really understand and many that are in similar position to you . I wish you all the best and hope life gets kinder for you soon

  • thank you for your concern i will hopefully get thru this

  • Come here and chat there is always someone around Val

  • just woke up terrible hangover thankyou for your kind words

  • Hi Reggie, we are all here for each other, and there are great groups on Facebook, and you are quite likely to find a fellow COPD person living close to you for support, I know i have and others on is a cruel situation that you are in but take heart that we are here for you, and I see you have a hangover, maybe a good breakfast will sort that out, take care speak soon Reggie.

  • Toast coffee green frog burger van preston riverside (highly recommend) at about 10am I think but it helped I am overwhelmed by the support from others on here but life at the moment is dealing a couple of bad cards hopefully a home move will make a change for me but thank you for your kind words

    regards brian

  • Reggie hope your head feels better now! Time to think 'health' take great care of yourself and you will be able to enjoy a good quality of life for many ,many years to come,and when you're feeling good about yourself that's when life will start changing for the better. truly. I'm sure it will!! I know it will !! sending you a hug :) Every time you have a 'negative' thought,change it for a 'positive' one.

  • Thankyou your so kind consider hug felt

  • hi reggie

    i am copd with emphysema and have heart probs 62 and live in spain for the last 15 years.

    i am also a recovering alcoholic and have not drank alcohol for 21 years

    you have situations in your life that are making you feel lonely and sad . believe me a drink will not make any of it better

    lots of support and advice on this site and its good advice to make friends with the people at breathe easy group

    my lovely brother of 58 years old is fighting at the end of his time with copd pulmonary fibrosis ,cardiac hypertension and emphysema .He is so brave.

    i do hope that life smiles on you soon and that you can see and feel it .

  • Thankyou your kind words of support are taken on board and drink no a one off yesterday it made the problem worse because I hardly drink I do also hope life improves for you too

    Regards brian

  • Hi Reggie.

    I have COPD, too, and thankfully I now have a really supportive husband (who I met several years AFTER I was diagnosed). However, when I told my previous husband that I had ovarian cancer (before the COPD), he stopped talking to me. I got the appointment through for my op and he said he'd take me. I thought 'great, maybe he's got used to the idea and things will be ok' - he took me to the hospital, let me out of the van, said 'see you' and left! That was it. I had 4 children to look after as well. I'm not saying this in a poor-me way, I just thought I'd let you know that there IS life out there after diagnosis and rubbish partners! Take care of yourself, Reggie, alcohol is only a very temporary 'solution' and can cause it's own problems.

    Lots of people on here to talk to, even if for the time being, they are only virtual shoulders to cry on. It all helps, honestly.

    Spritz ?

  • Through tearful eyes thank you you and your story have given me a ellement of hope I do hope sincerely that all goes as best as possible for you thank you

    regards brian

  • Like I said, not 'poor me' - happier than I have been for years, despite the COPD !



  • ps: the question mark is supposed to be a heart, lol!!

  • You seem full of life and spirits jude I will get on track withe people like you giving me morale support yep the brackets and questio mark do look like a heart so heres one back ((?)) he he

    ; )

  • Reggie, when you get to the Breath Easy group, you'll soon make new friends. Something to look forward to as well. We're here for you.

  • whereabouts in preston are you ... i know a few people there. not with copd though

  • just outside near hutton albeit I am looking for another property thats suitable

  • Never ever feel alone.You have loads of friends here in similar situations as your own.Just talk about you highs and lows with us.We will always be here to congratulate you or support you and you can help people like me with a kind supportive message too. xxx

  • Thankyou I seem to be coping better with things but each day changes bin up since 1 am coughing looks like another long day x

  • Dear reggie, i do hope u are feeling better, trust me the partners that do not stay are not worth worrying about, i have been on my own for far too long to mention and like u get very down and wonder why, if etc things will get better. You have your son and think of him to give u strength as i do my daughter. Hey when things r bad they can only get better hun, here for u like everyone else xx

  • Thank you I am gradually coming to terms with it but its hard on some days the local council today told me they are putting me in a warden controlled flat and a weekly visitor to check on my well being so that may be a good move for me but thank you for your kind words of support and my son bless him I have put a picture on one of my other bloggs so looovvvvellly

  • gd morning reggie,

    that sounds good and u sound happy about the move, i went for another spirometry yesturday and today worn out (havent done anything as yet) nurse couldnt even tell me what the results meant but i could see ive lost another 12% since last time. But today i will have a lazy day and spoil myself then i will have some energy later when my daughter gets home! hope ur having a good day xx

  • My day was good until 4 30 pm the my ex announced that hey and her boyfriend had went a step further I think she is doing it to hurt mebut am fine

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