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Lady I met at the Brompton Lung Function Waiting room

Hi, I was at the Brompton on Friday for a 9.30 app waiting for a lung function test, there was a man and his wife sitting with their backs to the window, we had a brief chat but I was called for my app so left my husband chatting, appararently they had a laugh and the lady kindly told my hubby all about flying and oxygen, she apparently goes to the breatheasy in Basingstoke and my hubby was telling them about the new car he persuaded me to buy. It is so nice to meet and speak to people like myself and my husband said she was very helpful explaining things to him, I asked him if he got her telephone number but he hadn't. If you are that person can you please blog me, I can't wait to go abroad again and we would like as much info as poss.

Hope to hear from you.

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if they are not members then they can not see this Chinka because it's locked

It was only to be shown to those with COPD and I know she is a member of the COPD blog

I have amended and unblocked. so can you now please resend

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