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Fire Breaks

Have any of you had to change the fire breaks on the concentrator ?

Having managed to crack the fire break on my concentrator by knocking a bookcase onto it, I have noticed that there is a small crack that I have covered with a sticking plaster. I have a new fire break that was left when the new concentrator was delivered, would this be a task that a non technical person could undertake or should it wait for the experts.

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They are easy enough to replace Bilbo, just so long as you remember to point the arrow on the firebreak in the right direction (have just checked mine and it's pointing away from the concentrator).

However, if you are at all unsure you might want to ring the helpline of your oxygen provider.


Easy to replace as Elian says Bilbo

As a supplement to this question does anyone know if the Firebreaks can be included in ordinary rubbish or should it be put with electrical stuff? I emailed the company that makes/supplies them weeks ago and so far they have not bothered to reply to me?



The firebreak should be fine disposed of with the ordinary rubbish Mulie :) as they have no electrical components.


The firebreak is a small cylinder type shaped 'gizmo' with an inlet and outlet that's attached to the tubing between the oxygen concentrator and the patient. It acts like a valve and can shut off the oxygen supply in the event of a spark or electrical fault that could cause fire - the very LAST thing we would want to happen ;)

Hope this answers your question Stitch ?


Maybe the small cylinder IS different Stitch and doesn't have firebreaks. I use the large oxygen concentrator. It's in a room separate to me (because I can't stand the noise!). :)


My guess is that they are just plastic valves and as such can be chucked out with rubbish. Would have thought it unlikely that they are electrical in any way shape or form ..... that close to oxygen.

Fire breaks are the plastic (?) inserts in the piping to stop any fire backtracking along the tube.


Very grateful for your advice on changing my fire break for a new one, the task has proved to be beyond myself or my neighbour, we are both lacking the grip or strength needed to part the hose and valve. Everything is still operating well with the temporary repair in place while awaiting my technical support man , my saviour on several occasions.


My technical man has been and it is changed as easily as that for people that know what they are doing. A spare firebreak has been left with the tip that wrapping a towel around the pipe will make it easier to grip.


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