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well it appears fires have started already Crete been hit bad so it's only an of time before we get hit !! Were already been put on alert and you can smell the smoke in the air . Definitely be keeping my eyes open. If you look between and me and the mountain there's more wood plenty of trees

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Do be careful and I hope all is ok. Try to have a good day and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx 🌻🌻

The biggest problem is that the tree's are mainly olive trees and they burn fast hot quickly and longer . And from the mountain to across the road from me is mainly olive and fruit trees and everything is dry 🙂 xxx

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The smoke for copd people like us is just as bad as the fire and is miles ahead of the fire, hoping you have friendly winds.

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Daveyboy1963 in reply to

At the moment really friendly there are none but usually the wind comes towards me so not so good

Take care Dave and keep a lookout. Xx💜

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Daveyboy1963 in reply to sassy59

Will do 🙂🙂 xx

That is sad and terrifying. I hope and pray that the fires don't get to you. xxx

Problem is that longer hotter weather is making everything dry and it doesn't take much to start a fire a bit of broken glass or an idiot throwing a cigarette away 🤣🤣

Take care, At the first spark get on your mark and run like blazes.

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Daveyboy1963 in reply to tomc

I've got one run in me and it holds me together 😹😹😹 stuff me it takes me ages to get down four flights of stairs 😹😃

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tomc in reply to Daveyboy1963

I know that well. But I would still run like hell!!! probably where I`m headed anyway. 🤣

I used to work in a care home and was once doing a fire safety course , we were naturally concerned because so many of the residents were unable to walk but the fire officer assured us that it’s amazing how many people regain the ability to walk during a fire - adrenaline is a wonderful thing 😂

I'm totally buggered then I have no energy 😂😂😂😂

Oh no 🤦🏻‍♀️ Do stay alert and safe . Even here in the chilly NW of England we re having to get used to the surrounding moors being on fire , mostly caused by improperly discarded disposable bbqs I hear 😡 I watched the smoke last year as the firefighters doused the smouldering grass and that was scary enough , I’d be terrified if I saw flames even though there’s a river between me and the moors 😬

It's bad all through the Mediterranean unfortunately climate change strikes again 👍🏼👍🏼

Not good stay safe

There's hundreds of thousands of people who need to stay safe across the Mediterranean fires are everywhere. The climate should have been protected years ago

Very dangerous at mo, all must be so careful. Are you feeling any better now. the

I'm getting there buddy it wipes me out sometime but I bounce back 😉

You got to bounce back or will come over there and slap the back of your leg's lol

Oh how violent 😂😂😂😂 I would say I would run away but even snails pass me in the street 😂😂😂

Well,my friend, before all the illness set in, I would never have closed my eyes till much later, but now, medication 💊 rules the roost. Good night, my friend. Sleep 😴 💤 🛏 well.

And you buddy will catch you tomorrow morning for breakfast 👍🏼😂

Yes and i will say the same to them to 😉🙃 it dosent mater wear you are in extream tempetures fire is a real and scary danger. Even a corn field in Norfolk. Stay safe 🥵

Doesn't take much to start one even a bit of broken glass 👍🏼👍🏼

Sad but true and all that pore wildlife !

Nothing is sacred any more .

Sad times 😔


Keep safe Dave, those fires are bloody awful

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Daveyboy1963 in reply to Suzie42

I know and get worse each time! We live in scary time's. And then you have idiots starting wars when the planet need's us most

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Suzie42 in reply to Daveyboy1963

I know its ridiculous

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Daveyboy1963 in reply to Suzie42

Instead of trying to heel the years of damage we've created governments from around the world wage war so totally ridiculous

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Suzie42 in reply to Daveyboy1963

Yes totally agree Dave, insane

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Daveyboy1963 in reply to Suzie42

Politicians or leaders of countries start wars out of greed and innocent people die for it . Nothing makes sense to me anymore , it makes you wonder why people bring innocent children into such an unstable world. 🤔🤔🤔

Those are my thoughts, having lived through the Cuban Missile Crisis, Leaders start wars and the "poor bloody infantry" (and civilians) die in them.

Always the innocent. Put all the leaders in a stadium let them fight it out 😂😂

Keeping fingers crossed they don't start up near you Davey. Take care 😊

Think it's a forgone conclusion at some stage . Too hot too dry and too many ways to get started

How far to the sea, the one safe place I would have thought.

Too far for me to walk to . Its my lungs that would stop me 😃 I would ride it out I guess .

I pray that you will not be affected by the fires. Please stay safe!

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Daveyboy1963 in reply to Solily

I'm also praying we don't have any but law of probability is against me. So working on either an escape route or plan just in case .

Oh cripes. Again? I remember this happened before. Take good care. 😑

Yes twice before In the same place unfortunately it's a hot spot for fires . And right close to the electric station so power for the island can be gone aswell 👍🏼

Stay safe

Will do as always but nature is its own boss 😁😁😁

Every one needs to do their best, for sure.

With everything going on around us yes definitely ☺️

Well, paramedic due today with covid number 4, good 👍 to know am getting it done ✔️

Hell yeah 😂 it seems pretty pointless me having any more jabs buddy was in and out bathroom yesterday coughing up the usual I think this is a bad Omen but my scan tomorrow should bring up what is happening then see what oncologist has to say you have a good day today buddy 👍🏼👍🏼

Will do, busy day for me, makes a change. See you soon 😊

Ok buddy 😃😃😄

Forgot to tell you, I said goodnight to you, just about to go 🚶‍♂️ into my coma 😴 when my youngest brother turned up with Thai fish cakes and mixture of noodles 🍜 just had to eat them, they were so very 🔥 🥵 hot but so nice, lol.

😂😂😂 funny how just when you are going sleep someone turns up with lovely food because it happened to me the other day 😅😅

Be careful Daveybhoy.

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Daveyboy1963 in reply to Sutton5

I try to be careful 😁😁

Sending love to you. Keep safe.

Gratefully received with thanks and hope you are keeping safe and cool , can't escape the heat here 😂😂😂

Be on alert take care x

Fortunately I have all round house visibility


Hope you've got some coping strategies in place, and enough cold(ish) water to drink, and to keep wetting towels, etc., to wrap around you?I remember the sheer terror of a wildfire not too far away when we were visiting family who were then living in rural Mallorca. The initial excitement of watching helicopters scooping up water from swimming pools and the nearby sea soon became less fascinating and just plain terrifying. No humans or farm animals were injured, but many acres of olive groves were destroyed, and it took along time to get the smell out of our nostrils. Take care, and keep updating us please? 😘

Will do and don't worry my only concern is getting down stairs and away fast enough 😅

Maybe you should invest in some sort of physio aid? 😂

Madeira Toboggan

Spot on idea 😂😂😂😂

Just be safe and take care. Where my daughter lived in Tenerife they had a fire started just at the side of their property and she sent me a video as it travelled down the hill, it scared the life out of me. They had an evacuation in place as there was only one road out of the villiage up a long narrow winding road. If things get bad dont hesitate to make your way down to the sea x

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Daveyboy1963 in reply to Izb1

Don't worry I will get out of the way if it starts. But yes it's scary 👍🏼

Take care and make sure the plan you have is a good one (hope you don't need to use it though), stay safe,

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Daveyboy1963 in reply to doddsie

My original plan was just to wrap myself round a stick shouting hot gyros free hot gyros almost certain some hungry Greeks would help . Joking apart yes after last year twice close bye I keep an eye on the mountain as soon as I see it glowing I'm gone

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Patk1 in reply to Daveyboy1963

Stay safe xx

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Daveyboy1963 in reply to Patk1

I'll certainly do my best 👍🏼 xx

Hope you can keep safe from the fires. There has been a bad one west of us in Andalucia. The smoke came over our village but thankfully the fire stopped some distance away. Keep safe

People forget the smoke can do as much damage as flames. The climate as spiralled out of control and will only get worse as years go on when government's around the globe put wars and money before the people or the planet unfortunately

I'm glad you remained safe 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Ive seen a lot of items in the news where there has been fires

Yes Crete and Attica here have already been hit and we've been put on high alert after what happened last year

Oh dear Ive been to crete too its beautiful -that was the first ever place in greece i went to

We either get hit by earthquake or fires 😂😂😂

Ooohhh sounds like you will need to invest in a hose & fireman uniform Daveyboy 😀

Got the hose but fireman uniform here doesn't exist 😂😂 flip flops jeans and t.shirt 😂🤔

We’ve had them in this Country too. There were several houses on fire. Started with grass fires. Luckily where I live we’ve got away with it.

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Daveyboy1963 in reply to Mavary

I saw on BBC world news about the London area and didn't look good Glad you got away with y and hope you didn't have a problem with the smoke

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Mavary in reply to Daveyboy1963

No we were very lucky here. I haven’t heard of anything around my area. It has been pretty bad though.

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Daveyboy1963 in reply to Mavary

Problems going to be next year will probably be even hotter than this year all part of global warming

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Mavary in reply to Daveyboy1963

I’m sure this isn’t the end to it. It was too hot for me.

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Daveyboy1963 in reply to Mavary

Here we get 9 to 10 months of sunshine even when we have rain the sun comes out at some stage 😂😂😂 last winter the island had snow first time in fifty odd years everywhere except the village I'm in 😂😂😂 I. Saw snow on passing cars that was it 🤣🤣🤣

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Mavary in reply to Daveyboy1963

I saw snow on cars in Niece in the Summer. We travelled to Niece from St Tropez. It was lovely when we got there but it wasn’t long before it started raining hard. We had some lunch in an Irish bar and it was still pouring when my Son got the car. On the way out I happened to look back at the mountains and there was snow on the top. The temperature in the car had dropped really low. I met a lady who said she had lived in Niece for years and I don’t think she believed what I told her.

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Daveyboy1963 in reply to Mavary

It's crazy in the winter I see on Greek news about Athens having snow and turkey having snow I look out the window and see sun and dry roads crazy

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