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Chest tightness

Just wondered if any of you have severe chest tightness on one side ? My Dads chest is still really painful .He said it just feels so tight .He is taking strong painkillers but still walks around clutching it .Ive read that its very common to get chest tightness .I just wondered if its because his lungs are so hyperinflated? is there anything he can have to help him ? we are seeing his consultant but not until friday .

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My dad hasn't said anything like that Sam so i can't offer any advice i'm afraid other than if it is really bad and it sounds it for him to go to A&E to get it checked out maybe. It's awful to see the ones we love suffering and w can't do anything isn't it. Hope he gets it sorted soon xx


Thinking of you, ? Ring NHS direct for advice or as tanyamarie say's A&E if your really worried Val x


Good advice from tanyamarie and Val



I too have an awful pain down my right hand side, in my ribs, and everything feels very tight, the last time i was like this was last August and i ended up in hospital, it turned out to be a exacerbation of my condition, which basically means a 'worsening' of my symptoms.They can't do alot apart from pain killers,

i know mine is caused by stress.

I hope he feels better soon x


Thanks everyone :) he does have the health system installed but no one will be checking until Wednesday as there off .we won't get to speak to his nurse until then . He won't let me even ring a doctor so I will have to wait until then . His painkillers don't seem to touch it . I just thought maybe someone else might have experience pain when there lungs are hyper inflated or wondered if that could cause pain really .


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