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Anyone been to a salt cave or used a salt pipe?

I take 3 inhalers for my COPD - they help a lot but make my voice very croaky. I work as a secretary so can be annoying when I'm on the phone and my voice gives out. Have seen speech therapist who gave me voice exercises which did help a bit. I've been reading up about salt caves and have bought a salt pipe. Doesn't seem to be making much of a change to my breathing but has had a positive effect on my voice. My throat doesn't seem to be so 'clogged up'. I'm hoping that if a persevere then it may have the same effect on my lungs. I'm also wondering whether to visit a salt cave - quite expensive though.


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I have found a salt pipe to be very useful in clearing mucus, I also use a saline nose spray as I find that it cleans & moisturises the nose which I find dries out with the use of oxygen.

Best wishes

Jo :-)

Hi Gordon, sounds like you've had the same sort of problem as me. My GP changed my twice daily symbicort to fostair as apparently fostair is in liquid form rather than powder, which did help a little. I will certainly talk to my GP about the ciclesonide. Sounds like the salt pipe would definitely be worth a try for you. Apparently the salt cave does a similar thing - its a room completely lined with salt - even the floor and you just sit and chat, read or whatever for an hour while it does its job. Its a very interesting concept. The salt apparently does reduce mucus which according to what I've read is the reason historically why people with lung problems went to live by the coast! Isn't the internet a mine of information!


I bought a Himalayan Salt Lamp from Amazon after reading about them. The only thing it did for me was to break my knuckle. All I did was transfer the lamp from my left hand to my right and I heard and felt a crack. They are very heavy and it must just have been the angle i held it that snapped my knuckle. So they maybe should carry a health warning telling us to lift with 2 hands :-(


Hi Ann33, If you look at the website 'The Salt Cave' they do a free first visit. I have not tried it yet but it does sound good.

Hi Sadie28. I think I'm going to give it a go. Can't do any harm can it? At least I hope I don't have a similar experience to maureenv with the Salt Lamp!

I have been to the salt cave 13 times. Unfortunately, I was not able to go 3 or 4 times in the first week, which I understand is recommended, so do not think it has helped my COPD very much. What did help, however, was a lady I met there who recommended the nasal wash through for sinus and I have found it to be very beneficial. I did buy a salt pipe which I use, but have not found it to help much. My consultant said when I told him about the Salt Cave to remember first and foremost - it is a business. I say give it a go and, yes, the first session is free. Different things help different people. Good luck.

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I just bought a Salt pipe from Ebay. I'm doing 4 lots of 5 minutes throughout the day. It seems to help getting rid of mucus a lot easier. Freeing it up. Also I find it a lot easier to breathe in after using it. I'm not sure if it reduces breathlessness yet.

I did point out to my doctor a couple of weeks ago that I walked maybe half a mile with no problem when I visited friends on the south coast. He says it's the air down there. I live on the east coast and apparently the air is a lot damper here.

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