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Welcome & brief introduction.... (counselling and emotional support)


I'm H (or Helen if you prefer the more formal title), I'm a Counsellor here at the BLF Helpline. I'm in the office every day and offer emotional support and a counselling service to anyone that would like to use the service either on a drop in or on a more formal basis.

I'd really welcome the chance to get to chat either via the blog or via the helpline (03000 030 555).

I really enjoy my job and feel very fortunate and lucky to have the opportuntiy to interact with so many lovely people. So if you have any queries, going through a tough time, having a down day or just would like to say a quick hello please feel free to get in touch.

Take care.


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Hi Helen,

That is so kind of you to post your invitation for us all, I for one do appreciate that this service is available. I know it is a service that can help so many at crucial times in life.

Thanks for all you do.


thanks Helen we all appreciate that this service is available to us all


Thank you so much, it was lovely talking to you. Take care and keep in touch.


Thank you so much there is virtually no counselling or emotional support in my area: Huntingdon, Cambs. I was told i may need a lung transplant and it was said in such a off hand manner with no info or help to deal with the shock of being told that i will need a transplant, its wrecked my confidence and i just feel like giving in


I am so sorry to hear this, if you would like to have a chat to either me (for the emotional support) or a nurse (medical ie information on transplants) here or both of us that is fine please do so we would be happy to give any advice or information that we can. We generally work on a call back system but we will try to speak to you day if possible. Calls are confidential and we can call you back.

Please don't let this knock you're confidence, you have done so well so far and one persons attitude is truly not an indication of your worth or value and its not your problem so please try not to take it on board.

If you would like me to send you some information please let me know as I do have a a lot of information on anxiety, depression, panic attacks and self help information on self esteem too. Or please give me a call on tel 03000 030 555, it would be a pleasure to talk to you.

Take care


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