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I've just become a 6 week case study for an aromatherapy student at the local College. I wasn't sure that they would actually go ahead with it because of the COPD. The student took advice from the lecturer who, in turn, came and spoke to me. She has chosen a blend of oils which include eucalyptus, rosemary and black pepper, amongst others.

The lecturer said that she had dealt with COPD clients before and that the blend can help loosen mucous and 'energise' you. I was a bit concerned about whether aromatherapy would be a like using air freshner, hair spray, deodorant and perfume. However, she said that it was the chemical components in these which caused the problems.

Anyway, the first session consisted of the consultation and a quick 15 minute massage. Roll on next week when the massage will be the full hour! It was fabulous.

I'll keep you posted on how it goes. My next treatment is next Thursday.

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Sounds really good, hope it proves to be of value. Let us know how it goes, next thing you know we will all be contacting our local college to become 'case studies' :-)

I've had lots of different treatments loads of times, though this is the first time I've had aromatherapy. Reflexology, hot stone massage (that's the best ever), Indian head massage. Even if you're not a case study you can usually get treatments just by booking. I also get my hair cut by Level 3 students (the most experienced), my eyebrows waxed etc, all for a fraction of the cost of the salons. The only drawback is that it usually takes a bit longer, because they are learning and the lecturer has to check their handy work.

Lucky you. I use lavender oil to help me sleep and that is ok but anything articual small with chemicals is bad.

Hi Carrie, I am a trained Aromatherapist and Reflexologist although I don't practice now. In my day all chronic health conditions were contra-indicated and therapists always asked the client to first seek approval from their GP before receiving treatment if they were contra-indicated (mostly clients with a heart, lung condition, cancer, diabetics etc etc). Most often the docs didn't recognise the treatment as doing any good and assumed that it would not interefere with their orthodox treatment.

However, I can tell you I never treated anyone on anti biotics because it is just not known how the essential oils will affect the anti bios in the blood stream. The treatments were adapted to the individual accordingly. The essential oils diluted in a carrier oil penetrates the skin and the active essence of the essential oil will travel in the blood stream the same as any other drug or medicine might and may or may not interact with other medicines and treatments, herbals, homeopathic meds etc etc.

Aromatherapy uses pure essential oil, which is the essence extracted from the plant, bark, root or leaf from which it comes. The essence in effect can be potent, equally as much as any herbal medicines.

When I was practising all synergistic blends would be discussed with the client, ie what fragrance they enjoyed, what they disliked, this would also be taken into account, once the blend was made and the client was happy with the fragrance of the blend, then application would commence.

The oils as well as the technique used in massage can very much help with chest and respiratory problems.

I loved giving aromatherapy treatments and I love receiving them, it is such good pampering for mind, body and spirit, so relaxing and so uplifting. I am sure you will benefit tremendously.


Hi Tru

I have some essential oils I used years ago - do you know if they will they still be ok to use ?

Is this working CarrieMe or have they had to stop because of your health.

Curiosity got the cat but not me not sure how lungs would be with aroma when can not even spray perfume :-(

The aromatherapy is fabulous. I'll do a blog update later on. I was away at the weekend and with work I just seem to keep running out of time. I would definitely recommend it.

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