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My husband has been told he has COPD, the Dr. got him a nebulizer to use at home. Everytime he uses it, you can hear his start to wheeze, it's like it's giving him bronchitis. I never hear him wheeze, until he uses this nebulizer. Is this normal?

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What country are you living in Curco? I would go to the Lung Foundation in the country you reside to enquire about this.

In UK its unusual for a patient to be given a nebulizer on initial diagnosis of COPD unless there is a serious need to.

Were any other non neb inhalers prescribed?

Definitely go back to the doctor to communicate what you have done here and if you don't have them already ask for non nebulizer meds ie inhalers to try instead.

What is the nebulizer medicine that has been prescribed?

In the UK, many nebuliser meds are trialled (or should be trialled) in a medical setting because of the known possibility of them causing bronchospasm and actually making a person’s breathing worse. You need to speak to the medics looking after your husband as it sounds like whatever nebulised drug he’s been given is causing him a problem. Does he have any inhalers, including a blue salbutamol inhaler?

How bad is his COPD? It might not be too bad. The remedy is causing more symptoms.....I was given inhalers to use, and stopped using them because they gave me SOB and I really didn't feel good taking wasn't a cure. I stopped, went to the health store, got some NAC vitamin take that daily, and my breathing is much better(I have chronic asthma...and without the inhalers, it has gotten better). I will say, the health food stores to have many supplements and helpful aids to aid one's breathing and make one's respiratory problems better. If I had COPD, I would definitely be at the Health food store looking for something to "work with or replace" the prescription drugs that are given to people with COPD. Nebulizers are supposed to "ease and help" not make matters worse .

I'm not saying to ignore Doctor's orders....but many times I look also for healthier alternatives than the prescription drugs which is why I would go to the health food store to look for a respiratory/lung supplement vitamin or something that may even work better than a nebulizer. Doctor's of course have a job, and want to stay in business and do what is best for their patients, but no harm in looking possibly elsewhere so one might be able to heal holistically and naturally. A lot of the prescription drugs just "mask" the symptoms, and don't cure or even begin to cure. Even just a little "beginning to cure" is better than masking the symptoms. Although, of course, a doctor does know his business....but they want to stay in business and prescribe the drugs; whereas one going out on there own to find something possibly better than this nebulizer (that isn't working) is not a bad idea. If one does find a supplement just inform the doctor what you are taking and make sure it doesn't interfere with any prescription drugs (so tell the doctor's office what supplement you might be able to find or ask the doctor first if you do find a supplement before taking it).

It could be that his airways are getting use to the medication he puts in the nebuliser. I would talk to your GP surgery or consultant and take there advice.

If your husband has a poor chest with fluid , it may well wheeze or gurgle, mine did. But the Dr should already have had tests done for infection. Keep the Dr informed on how the treatments go and how they affect your husbands well being, don't forget the dr will have a lot of people to keep well.

It may be that nebuliser is opening airways,thereby stimulation mucus to start moving - it happens to me.the important thing is learning the active cycle of breathing, in order to get mucous up

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