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Severe COPD and cycling

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Husband has severe copd following a bout of double pneumonia March 2020. Finds it difficult to walk without severe breathlessness. Decided to buy him an E Bike which has assisted pedalling and he can cycle miles. Just wondered how it can be so different when most days he can’t get his socks on due to breathlessness.

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I am in a ponder about the same thing. I told this new consultant I have not to worry too much about me, I will sort it out myself probably with a better outcome than with you.

He was too blazay about my breathlessness In spite of confirming I had severe Emphysema and bronc.

I would say that riding an electric bike is the best exercise you can do with knackered lungs and bending double to put your socks on is the worst. Next to showering it’s the closest I get to death each day 😫

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Izb1 in reply to Don-1931

There you go Don ( see reply from ghousrider) a sock machine, seems like a godsend. I am thinking of buying one for my sister for Christmas x

It's a good form of exercise in that he can pedal with assistance from the motor when he needs it without putting any undue pressure on his lungs because he is also sitting down. I think it's perhaps the best thing you could have bought him to enable him to get some exercise and for him to be able to get out and about too.

As Don said, bending to put socks on causes problems and that is because the lungs become compressed and unable to expand to take a breath in properly.

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ghousrider in reply to CDPO16

Hi to all people with copd there is a sock machine at care& co on pedmore road in dudley bottom of level street brieley hill they sell these machine they are not m uch a round £10/ 12 quid i have one they are brill try it see how you all go cheers to all

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Izb1 in reply to ghousrider

Thank you ghousrider, i will order one for my sister who cant get her socks on now x

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JJ_7 in reply to ghousrider

Hi ghousrider. Thanks for your post. Is there a link for this sock machine. ? I would be grateful. Thank you :)

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ghousrider in reply to JJ_7

not a problem that for getting back to me i try to help as much as i can hope we are all one helpfull group xx

I've had an E Bike for the past 7 years and it's the best thing I ever bought, pedal assist makes riding one so easy, minimal effort required.

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Maricopa in reply to Preshous

I’ve been scared to get one with Simon Cowells accidents!!!!

Yes as everyone has said. Electric bike is helping him get a breather when he is out of breath and once he has his breath back he can carry on and save the battery power. And it's improving his lung capacity as well. Brian

Seems like a great idea, would like to consider one myself , but nipot sure I would be safe o the road x

As others have already mentioned the ability to sit takes all of your weight off of your legs that would be used and causing shortness of breath while even walking. The pedal assist provides some of the power while still providing some exercise while pedalling and when he starts to get out of breath can use the throttle until his breathing recovers. I just bought one as well and they are great. I am no longer concerned about getting stuck somewhere without the ability to get home but knowing I can use the throttle to get home relieves the concerns about going out.

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