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College looming.

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Not long to go before college starts and I have to face the real wotld again. My Dr phoned after mum contacted him through my nurse to reassure me that it's best to get back to the new norm and to be sure to take extra percussions and sticking to the rules. He sys things change everyday and just to be very careful. Have decided to wear a mask or shield as much as possible when iam there and the college are making all of students when in coradors and we are being kept in busbbles not sure how big yet. So feeling a bit better about going back now I know a bit more from college. Tomorrow we are going to Monkey world and we are taking my friend that haven't seen for months she has been sheilding aswell so big day out for us both. Hope you are all keeping well and staying safe love hearing from you all feel like we are a family in a way all have our problems.

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Hi Pokermon,

Really hope college goes well and that you feel safe enough once you are there. Sounds like you are making sensible choices and hopefully college will do their best to protect you and others in the same boat, and actually everyone!

If there’s anything you are worried about, speak to your tutor and see if there’s anything they can do to help/lessen your anxiety! It is tricky, but I think it is gonna be like this for a while. Take care and be sensible and careful!

Have fun at Monkey World!

Well done. It will be quite hard but worth it.

I am sure you can keep yourself safe.

JerryMaren is going to college too and for her it will be a huge step as she has had Covid-19. And is still recovering.

Congratulations to you both.

All the best and let us know how it goes.

Kate xxxx

I hope all will be well at college and you will be safe. Enjoy your day out tomorrow,

Stay safe and well. Xxx

Hope you enjoy monkey world and getting back to college . I’m sure you will be sensible and follow the guidelines . Must be nice to see your fellow students again. Cx

Hi Pokermon , 😁👋

I must agree with your mum on this. And I'm glad you feel better about going back. If there was a deadline or date that said "Covid ends on such and such a date" I would be happy to wait it out. But unfortunately, this is how it is going to be for the unforseeable future. We have to now adjust by our lives and lifestyle and live the best life we can. So yes, please wear a face mask and face shield if you can and remember to keep washing your hands. Change your clothes as soon as you get home and have a shower 🚿 soon thereafter if you can.

I wish you a very good start to your college life and I truly hope you enjoy it thoroughly. It will fly by and it's one of those experiences you only have once in your life.

Loads of love and good wishes.

Cas xx ❤️

Hi 👋 yeh I no what u mean I just been told I’m startin at my 6th form next Thursday and I’m brickin it with all those peple and I dunno if I can even wear a mask cos my brethins still bad relly. AND I did like lodes of work for colege which they set me and I saved it on my school email cos I figured I’m going back so that’ll be ok and they’ve DELETED the account 😱😱. So I been panickin about that too!

I gess we take small steps out there and do wots comftable and bit by bit we will get hapier back in the real world 🤞💕

Btw I LOVE monkey world!! My mum and sisters and me used 2 go evry year wen we camped in Swanige and it was awesome. Willow loved the lemurs and I love the baby inclosure 🐒 💖. Have a briliant time 😊

Wishing you all the best to starting college I'm wondering if a face shield is better than a mask for you ? x x Anita

Those temporary blackout blinds have helped me sleep a bit better- I'm not getting up at 4 or 5 now as the sunlight is more blocked

O one of those plastic things? Yeh meybe. Thanks x

Mine are black paper like sugar paper used at school. They are pleated x

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peege in reply to JerryMaren

Oh no re losing your work, thats awful. I suppose youve tried asking them to get it back,. They must have computer whizzes who can get it. I think there are rules that mean they have to hang on to pupils stuff for a certain length of time C. I do hope you get it back I know how hard it probably was to get it done.

Pokermon, I'm so pleased you feel less anxious about going to college. It's in their interests to keep everyone safe especially more vulnerable students. There should be plenty of alcohol gel to wipe the wheelchair with and I suggest face visors for you and JerryMaren. Last time I looked they were about £4 from reputable companies. My health practitioner work colleagues are getting theirs from Aston and Fincher. Good luck love and have a great time with your friend. An outing, at last ! P xx

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skischool in reply to JerryMaren

I am surprised that mum didn't leave you lot in Monkey world,the temptation must have been there and nobody would have noticed the difference,except maybe the attraction would have seemed more chaotic. :) xx

JerryMaren profile image
JerryMaren in reply to skischool

Hey skischool ive only just seen this!! Cheeky 🐒 yourself 😂 mum did always sey it was like havin a lode of norty chimpanzes with her evrywhere she went tho 🤣😉

skischool profile image
skischool in reply to JerryMaren

And the chimps haven't changed much have they. :) xx

JerryMaren profile image
JerryMaren in reply to skischool

No they’ve just gotten bigger🐒🐒🐒😂

skischool profile image
skischool in reply to JerryMaren

I bet you would tower over me now ,as you grow i am shrinking,i will soon be pocket sized. :)

Have a great day out at Monkey World today, and all the best when you start college soon. The college will be working very hard to make sure students are as safe as possible. Good luck with your studies xx

Enjoy Monkey World Pokermon. Not sure which one you're going to. Good luck with college and just take things steady and following the advice you've been given. Unfortunately there is no end date to Covid 19 so we have to try to get back to some sort of normality. xx Anita

Just want to say Pokermon , Have a Great Time back at College, do what your Mum Says, & Your Doctors & Teachers. Like Jerry Maren, you are a Treasured young Member and Loved Whole heartedly by us all. Enjoy Monkey World an Excellent Long Standing Monkey Rescue Centre. Enjoy Each & Every Day with your Safety in Place. Lots of Love & gentle Hugs to you Sweetheart. C. XXXX

I am so pleased you feel positive about college following reassurances from your mum, , docs, nurses and college. You are such a sensible young woman and I am sure, although a little daunting at first, you will be so happy to be back involved in your work and seeing all your friends.

So amazing both for you and for your friend to be going to Monkey World. Have a wonderful time. Enjoy.

Please let us know how you get on and about your day out - you are a very valued member of our BLF ‘family.’

With love


have a good time at college , NOt all work !

Don’t over think it take precautions and go for it wisdom g you in

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