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Shielding and Covid 19


Well I was very good and shielded for 10 weeks it was tough. My son was at home and furloughed from work, he was very good him upstairs me down and the only time we met was at dinner time him one end of the sofa me in my chair. We’re lucky enough to have two loos!

So why the heck am I sat well lying on a hospital bed with suspect covid19! I’m hoping it’s just a nasty chest infection which is an odd thing to say but rather that than covid.

I am pleased to report all staff are wearing PPE

I should be a little careful tho I face timed the kitties this evening, now the staff think I’m completely bonkers, prob right!!

Love and hugs to all


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Get well very soon judes. Let’s hope it’s not COVID. Thinking of you. Xxxx


You get well very soon, hope it's just a chest infection. 😊 Bernadette xxx🌈

Oh my goodness judes, so sorry keeping everything crossed its the easiest outcome, fab you have face time with your kitties :D

Keep in touch let us know how you are doing.

Wishing you feeling better soon.

Fingers crossed for good results for you

I so hope you get a diagnosis soon and that it does turn out to be “ just a chest infection”

Make sure you drink loads of water and keep moving a bit in bed.

I hope the kits enjoyed the FaceTime with you.

My sons dog is ok at FaceTime,but my cat just walks away.

Fingers crossed for you x

Scruff's is upset that she wasn't zoomed into your facetime session.she would have meowed greetings and a message to say that you are in the very best of hands with the aliens and they will look after you well judes and have you home in no time.

get well soon

Ski's and Scruff's x

Best of luck, fingers and toes are crossed for you xx

Hope you get better soon. 🙂x

Get well soon , I'm sure you'll come back negative , positive thoughts .

Karen x

All the best, take care.

That’s very hard after all the care you have taken. Are you still waiting for the test result?

All the best

Kate xxx

Hope your test results are Negative and after The chest infection has Cleared, you can get home to your Lovely Kitties. (I do the same with my Princess, She Talks back to me.) I understand her. Lots of Love and keep Positive. XXX C.

"I should be a little careful tho I face timed the kitties this evening, now the staff think I’m completely bonkers, prob right!! "

Show them this then!

Get well soon. Fingers crossed you have a speedy recovery

Get well soon. Good luck with the results.

Fingers crossed it's not COVID and you will be sent off home with a bag full of antibiotics to see off whatever infection it is!

xx Moy

Get well soon x prayers given up on your behalf that you fighting fit and in your way home very soon x

Judes, wishing and praying that it is just a chest infection although I wouldn't even wish that on anyone but you know what I mean and we're in the weirdest of times. Let us know how things go. Blessings x

Take care

Wishing you a speedy recovery! Let us know as soon as you get test results. Xxx

Hope its not Covid. Please keep us updated if possible. All best wishes.

Wishing you a very speedy recovery judes. X

Hope you feel better soon x💐💐💐

Hope you are back with the kitties soon! Surely it cant be Covid.

Fingers crossed its a chest infection and not covid 19 Love the facetime with the kitties. x Anita

That is so very unfortunate for you, particularly as you have been so diligent with following the rules of keeping safe. Firstly, my thoughts are that I hope its not the dreaded virus and you will soon have a clean bill of health and be home soon. However, if it turns out to be so, doctors and and nurses now know far more about the virus than they did 2 or 3 months ago so you are going to have the best possible care.

Sending you my best wishes for your recovery.


Get well soon Judes. Hope the kittens enjoyed their facetime 😊

Fingers crossed that your tests prove negative for coronavirus and that you are soon well enough to return home. Wishing you well xx

Good day judes, thinking of you. Hope you are doing ok. Looking forward to hearing back from you. Feel better soon.

Get well soon. Hoping your condition is straight forward ordinary infection easily dealt with. Best wishes

Who ever thought we'd all be saying ' just ' a chest infection ? Keeping everything crossed for you. Xxox

Sending you best wishes to get well soon 🧚💐

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