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Vitamin K Found in Some Cheeses Could Help Fight COVID-19, Study Suggests.

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Previous research mentioned vitamin D as playing a role in the prevention of COVID-19. Now, another vitamin has entered the coronavirus realm. Dutch researchers are exploring whether vitamin K could combat infection from the virus.

Research reveals that patients who suffered severe consequences from COVID-19 were found to be deficient in vitamin K. Found in food sources like spinach, eggs, and certain cheeses, scientists believe that a change in diet could partly be an answer to combating the illness.

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I have been taking a daily combined dose of both vitamin supplements of K2 (75 micrograms) & D3 (50 microgams) for several years now, I do now wonder if this had a bearing with my "beating the odds" as well, after being infected. Just a thought. More studies are needed.

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RoadRunner44 in reply to 2greys

With your experience of taking this vitamin its no wonder you found this research so interesting 2greys. Worth keeping a check and following this bit of research I think.

Caspiana will have to get making cheese in her cheese cave 🧀 My dad had to avoid all foods containing Vitamin K. I think it's a blood thinner? (Sorry, I didn't read all the article yet) and he was already taking blood thinners and anticoagulants

Already started!! 😁💓

Vitamin K is a coagulant so if you take warfarin you should avoid foods high in Vitamin K. If you have a severe bleed on warfarin an injection of Vitamin K is often the treatment. Fortunately I have never needed it.

Oh I see. Thanks for the information 👍 Now it makes sense

Hi it’s actually a coagulant to help clot blood. So would obviously work against anticoagulants i.e warfarin ,aspirin etc.

I have found a very good vitamin and mineral supplement that contains lots of goodies, I like that the K2, zinc, and all the covid supplement recommends are included, I do top up the D3 though in addition.

I also eat all the foods with K2, mainly because they are also very helpful if you have osteoporosis among other things and previously I have been unable to tolerate K2 as a supplement on its own, so am very pleased to find the multivit/mineral supplement with it including. :)

Have a great day one and all,

Be well stay safe.

I would recommend anyone wanting to take a vitamin K supplement to take advice from their GP first.

It’s certainly has some other drug interactions esp anticoagulants and heart meds.

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Corin1950 in reply to Chriskho

Yes it says in the article that it is not to be taken by people taking blood thinners. Interestingly ( for Caspiana) it also mentions an are of Japan where the people eat a lot of fish and there have been no cases on Covid.


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