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Shielding and getting back to normal


Hi, my hubby has idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and we are both currently shielding. Do you think that we will have to remain in lockdown until a vaccine is found?

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That's a difficult call, Missymare, as none of us are public health specialists. I'm not shielding, just social distancing, but I shall continue to social distance for quite a while after others go back to their normal. So it's up to you, governed by your circumstances. All the best.

I do hope not Missymare.

Challenges are better if you have an end in sight.Whilst I realise shielding is for our own safety I would go more potty than I already am if asked to shield indefinitely.

And what if a vaccine is never found -that would be awful.

Am not sure the Govt has a broader plan for us shielding.Do you think it will depend on what the community rate of infection is?

The Govt estimate of 8000-9000 new infections a day at the moment indicates the virus is still widespread-at what level do the daily infection rate has to come down to for us to come out of isolation.

On a purely and unreasonable selfish note I would rather live the time I have than fade away stuck behind a door.

What does everyone else think?

As a fellow shielder (cancer and chemotherapy) I fear that I will be confined until vaccine or pandemic dies out


Keep safe

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Hi love, yes that is exactly how we are feeling too 😢 but I would rather protect my husband through this pandemic than go out for my own sense of freedom x

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Ann my wife has no reason to shield except to share and help me through the experience


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I'm in exactly the same position. I don't have to shield, but my wife is having chemo at the moment, so it seems sensible to do so, even though she didn't receive her shielding letter until 5 weeks after she started chemo! Fortunately, our neighbours have been brilliant throughout, so we have not wanted for anything (except better health!).

In the end, shielding is a choice: you have to weigh up the risks associated with your particular situation, which will be different for everyone. Sounds to me that you've done this already, but may need to review it as we come out of lockdown and the risk changes; the availability of a vaccine may not be the only issue which could affect your (or anyone else's) decision, but I don't think there are any certainties at the moment.

I’ve been shielding since the start. We’re thinking of having my daughter and children in the garden next week. They’ll come through the back gate, and we’ll be on the patio, and they’ll be on the grass, well over two metres away. We’ll be looking down on them in the garden so that we can have a conversation for an hour. I know it’s risky, but we could be isolated in the house till Christmas at this rate.

I tave IPF too and have absolutely no intention of staying in my house till a vaccine is found! My mental health is suffering now with the isolation. I would prefer to take my chance with Covid. I intend to use my own judgement,we are all different? My children (one at a time) have visited my back garden since day one.They bring their own chairs and flasks and are always over 2 metres away. I just long for the day when I can hug them.

This is a question I have been asking. I am shielding and cannot see an end to it. We may have more control now but the virus has not gone any where. It is still"out there". I do not feel any safer now than I did 12 weeks ago and in 12 weeks time I cannot foresee any change. I certainly do not belive we will have a vaccine any time soon if at all. A bit like ninelives has said I will come out carefully and with geat caution try to live my life as best I can. Having already spent 19 days in ICU 4 years ago and had 2 heart attacks and double pnuemonia last Xmas and 2 more weeks in critical care my state of health is precarious at best.

Hi Missymare.

There is an article which you may well have seen by a Sky News journalist which came out today re shielding.

It calls for more clarity about when those of us shielding can expect our retdictions to be lifted.

It says govt advice at present is till the end of June ,but some are receiving text messages to shield till end of July or indefinitely by their clinical specialists

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