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I did not get a letter, I received a mobile text message instead.


NHS Coronavirus Service: We have identified that you're someone at risk of severe illness if you catch Coronavirus. Please remain at home for a minimum of 12 weeks. Home is the safest place for you. Staying in helps you stay well and that will help the NHS too. You can open a window but do not leave your home, and stay 3 steps away from others indoors. Wash your hands more often, for at least 20 seconds.

Read more advice about staying safe at home.


We will send you more messages with information.

To opt out reply STOP

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I haven't heard anything yet, but I'm sure I will in the next couple of days. I think it's a good idea sending the notification by text message. Have a good day and stay safe 😊 Bernadette xx

Thank you 2greys. Good to see the first one. I await with interest to see if I get one.

Contacted my GPs who hadn't got a clue what I was talking about. Not greatly surprised but unsure what to do now as I'm definitely in the at risk group.

Fennella02 in reply to patw42

That’s interesting because i thought the GP was responsible for identifying the vulnerable people

Yes, I received that too this morning.

The link contains a lot of good advice.

Unfortunately though, if we fall ill we still have to call 111. I’m not at all confident about that service, but I’ve no intention of catching the virus so that’s ok.

What does bother me slightly is what happens if we get an exacerbation & need IV antibiotics. Will we get a bed? Will the hospital@home service still be running? I can only get answers by contacting specialist ILD/bronch nurse who I’m sure has better things to do atm! So I’ll just wait & deal with whatever comes my way

cofdrop-UK in reply to Hanne62

That’s a worry for all alright. When I went to start IVs the respiratory ward on next floor was closed in preparation for CV. Not sure where the folks with resp probs are, or if the resp teams are the front line.

Not received anything as yet but it would be weird if I didn’t I guess.

Ditto re lack of confidence in 111.

We can only do our bit hun. At least we have a garden to keep off the cabin fever.


I have received it. Surprised at not in severe COPD.

I’m any case I’m unwell at home this last 8 days , with ‘probable’ Covid. Hoping to find out if that makes a difference afterwards. Surely it should? But no tests!

Wishing you a quick recovery!

‘At’ Should read ‘as’.

Then my post makes sense.

I’m surprised to have received the text, as my COPD is not in the ‘severe’ category. I was assuming they mean severe copd category. But apparently they include what they describe as “unstable copd”, presumably meaning some exacerbations.


I heard the letters should go out today, 23rd March and should arrive by 29th March. If you haven't heard anything by then, contact your medical care team/GP/consultant.

Bkin in reply to Hidden

thanks poemsgalore

I don't expect to receive one as i live too far north of the Watford gap and my Gp is not known for passing on information to me let alone the government. :)

P.s thanks for letting us know the system is working 2 g's and it will be of great reassurance to many that it is.

Hi, i got a text this morning telling me to isolate for 12 weeks, I have had lung cancer twice , my last scan 3 months ago show possible reaccurance but told not to worry at this stage, I have a scan due on 20th April and an appointment with oncologist beginning of May to see if any change, the thing i am worried about now that they will be cancelled as the NHS is under so much pressure , will those under oncology have to wait or will we still be seen .x

2greys in reply to littlenanny

From what we have been told Cancer departments and treatment will not be impacted.

I am in the same position as you, just one week behind you as well, with that "waiting game",a rather stressful time along with self-isolation as well. Cést la vie. Stay well.

Hidden in reply to littlenanny

My sister was supposed to have surgey for breast cancer today. It's been put back. She has markers in place and on Wednesday she'll start aromotase Inhibitors (tablet) which will hopefully shrink the tumours, or at least stop them from growing

Hanne62 in reply to littlenanny

In the news conference yesterday the Deputy CMO, Dr Jenny Harries, specifically said that treatment for cancer patients would continue as normal, & those people weren’t to worry

If you have been a "Secret Squirrel" and not supplied your mobile number to the hospital you will have to wait for a letter.

Jaybird19 in reply to 2greys

I dont use my mobile and i dont think i have severe bronch so waiting to see. Can you not go into garden..?

2greys in reply to Jaybird19

We do not have a garden, 3 floors up. A 2x4 foot balcony only. Hence my rowing machine and exercise bike.

Jaybird19 in reply to 2greys

I thought my balcony was small, but. now i will luxuriate in my12ft . Going from 3 ft wide to nothing. I do have to fight for space with my pot plants though. Still not big enough for exercise . You do well with a rowing machine and an exercise bike. I have 2 flights of stairs ! They are my main exercise. No doubt i will be going up and down more often jn the next weeks/months. Tried walking on the spot but seemed to have hurt my foot, and worn the carpet out. Is Sharon still at the care home. She will get lots of exercise there.

Hope your hosp appointments go well.

Take care

2greys in reply to Jaybird19

She is on two weeks leave at the moment. Very bad timing. When she booked it up it was based on my long distant weather forecast, we were planning on lots of days out. My weather forecast was spot on. But the rapid events with the virus was not foreseen at all 2 months ago :(

A good job we have Netflix and Amazon Prime and even YouTube, I would hate to think of staying in with the measly offerings from the live terrestrial companies especially the daytime ones.

skischool in reply to 2greys

They have all my contact details including mobile number as does my GP.the efficiency of this system will once again be a clinical commissioning lottery as per most of our medical care.

Fennella02 in reply to 2greys

I have supplied my mobile number but i have opted out of sharing my personal data - i wonder if that will work against me?

Liberty43 in reply to 2greys

I got texts almost every day with various tips! I also got a letter today, Saturday 28th. Having to contact 111 if feel you may have Covid19 does not fill me with confidence.

Better than nothing which is what Petes received. Good advice 2greys. Stay safe. Xxxxx

Hanne62 in reply to sassy59

I feel sure you & skischool will be contacted but if you slip through the net, I’d let your GP know on Fri. I suppose the system depends on GPs supplying the correct details

sassy59 in reply to Hanne62

Thanks Hanne will keep an eye out. Xxx

skischool in reply to sassy59

Worry not Cassy,Scruff's has her forgery kit out already and is compiling one for Pete as i type :) xxxx

sassy59 in reply to skischool

I knew I could rely on that beautiful cat. Thanks skis. Xxx 😘

skischool in reply to sassy59

:) :) she never fails xxx

Cateran in reply to skischool

Did you know ski that there are KGB cats trained to home in on non-compliant moggies? I would start to wipe the door handles and keep alert for any suspicious cats seen in your neighbourhood. Scruff's forgery skills will avails her nothing when the anti-cat police are on her trail with their sniffer dogs. teeheehee...

skischool in reply to Cateran

Scruff's has adopted another personna and has even learnt to bark in a foreign language. :)

I have had mine to day will have to close my small business till hopefully I will be safe and go back wen it’s over iv been at my little sewing shop for 40 years so strange not to go there I’m hoping I can go and do some tidying up in there with door locked

Good afternoon 3greys. I hope you are doing well. I also got a text rather than a letter Much easier for all concerned I for one am glad that they know of me Stay well

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