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Big Trouble.

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Filling up my dosette box

Pills flying everywhere

Midge dashed up to gobble them

I shouted "Don't you dare".

I was too late she'd eaten them

She never heard my call

And thirty minutes later

She was over six foot tall

I took her for the vet to see

A reduction in my mind

He said there's nothing wrong with her

Not that I can find

I said but she is far too big

He said but she's not ill

If you think that that's too big

Wait till you see my bill!

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Midge is really not that tall

It's just you that's becoming small. :)

Don-1931 profile image
Don-1931 in reply to skischool

😂 There's an element of truth in that! 🙄

Brilliant as ever.

Lotsalols Cap'n - for a minute you had me really worried there - but now I am trying to stifle the giggles xx

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Don-1931 in reply to majji

Lovely to see you, Margaret. I used to love giggly girls when I was a lad. Come to think of it I still do.🤭x

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majji in reply to Don-1931

i have been about in here just a little Cap'n and it is lovely to see you too - girly giggles gladden the heart except when issuing from a guy . . . xx Glad to hear you still do Cap'n. . .

Oh dear Midge what have you done

By eating all the pills

You probably thought it was such fun,

But they are for Don's ills.

Excellent as always Don. Xxxx

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That's true about the vet bills we've had plenty of those lately.😕

Damon1864 profile image

Fantastic thanks for the laugh 🤣🤣stay safe 😊 Bernadette xx

Thought i wasnt going to get my daily laugh but you came up trumps Don . Oh dear , maybe i should nt use that word in polite conversation

You are such a Clever Cloggs! I dont know hiw you do it Don. Chrys c.

Where did you find/. Manipulate that picture?. Wonderful. I got the giggles too, just right after my very solitary walk and back to my garage confinement .

Xx jo

I'm ashamed to admit I pinched it from the net. I could never get used to Photoshop etc.

Just what the doctor ordered - had a really good belly laugh when I saw the piccie.

Thanks again for a great laugh a little humour goes a very long way.

Oh Don! That made me laugh so much I choked and cried. Best thing I've read for days xx

Hope Midge gets back to normal. Imagine the dog food needed to satisfy that dogs appitite.🐕😁👍

You are back on a rhyming roll, brilliant

Don-1931 profile image
Don-1931 in reply to CDPO16

It comes and goes 💡🙄x

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Izb1 in reply to Don-1931

A bit like the toilet paper, sorry couldnt help myself x

I keep saying the same thing Don you are so funny, but Don you really ARE so funny x

Thats either a very big dog or a very small person. One time when someone told me I'm too short I said no I'm not, my feet reach all the way to the ground.


Very true HHP.

I read when Donald Trump was mocking Bernie Saunders about being small Bernie’s retort was ‘Where I come from we measure people from the neck up’


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Don-1931 in reply to Corin1950

I’ll remember that one, thanks 😊

Isn’t there a pill you can give her to make her small again as in Alice in Wonderland?


Don-1931 profile image
Don-1931 in reply to Corin1950

I’ll stick her in the washing machine that seems to shrink everything I put into it. 🙄

Well don’t put your woolly vest in as well -you may need it. My Grandma always used to say

‘Never cast a clout til May’s out’



Brilliant !!


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