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Ever since i had that horrid respiratory infection-i am plagued with horrendous coughing ! It is getting better but its still hard to catch my breath.

Today i started on low dose Steroids so hope it will help me.

Ive heard that this virus going around is virulent and its sure hard to get rid of!

I was so unwell for 2wks but am getting there now!

Anyone else been suffering?


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I've had 3x weeks of antibiotics + steroids! Thought I was feeling a bit better this morning so managed a shower & ventured to the shops!

Feeling dreadful again now - heating on full blast & I'm still shivering 🙁 Mine started after an 8 hour stretch down a&e with my very poorly dad 😞

Hope we both feel a bit better soon Janzo 😘

Sue XxX

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Janzo54 in reply to sue45

Sorry you feeling so bad-it takes it out of you doesn’t it.

Coughing is exhausting too.

I just want to breath without it!

I cant even keep my meds from inhaler down to give proper relief. I find the warmth from radiators makes it worse so once the house is warm i turn the heating off!

Sorry your dads been unwell too-het better soon both. X

Maybe you need some abs if it's still no better by end of week, but make sure you get 2 weeks as just 1 will be useless.

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Janzo54 in reply to Shancock

I cant face more anti biotics! The virus just bounced back when ive completed the course. Im not sure if it ever really goes its like its surpressed but the meds dont have much affect for long?

Thanks for advice though that makes sense.

I had this same thing last year. It was horrendous with copious amounts of mucous coughed up, fever up to 105, two days of delirium. Started getting better then took a dive for more of the same WITH propulsion vomiting! Was snowed in, so no chance to see a doctor. Going to try to head down the mountain tomorrow for steroids or SOMETHING to help end this thing. Sure don't want it to start again! Am out of food too. AND the wood stove seems to be backed up...............when it rains, it pours! Good luck ALL!

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Janzo54 in reply to Hawkswill

Gosh that all sounds very wild! Where do you live? What mountain do you live on?

Do take care if you on your own.

Yes me too. I caught a cough thing from my Grandchildren which then developed into a chest infection. I have finished the 2 weeks AB's but am still coughing loads.

Just thought- can u arrange your IV anti vs - if and when u need them- as an outpatient? I arranged it for my husband to have his at the local cottage hospital with the district nurse team. It worked great for all of us.

I suffer the same thing. I live in the desert of New Mexico, USA. I got the virus in APRIL! The coughing is much better but STILL there! I have had Xrays, CT scan, steroids, inhalers and nasal spray! The only thing that helps for awhile is an over the counter antihistamine. Its been awful!

How long have you been coughing for

By the way. In April when this started I was terribly sick. 101° temp for a week and at least two weeks home bound. I,too, have never coughed up so much phlegm. I thought I'd drown! They'd give me no antibiotics claiming it was viral.

Hi how long have you been coughing for ??

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Janzo54 in reply to Rileyocool

Im still coughing and Im having my gall bladder out by keyhole Tue 26th-just been on antibiotics which have helped a bit.

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Rileyocool in reply to Janzo54

How long have you been coughing for ?

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