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Inhalers and acid reflux


I have been getting increasingly problematic acid reflux- getting to the point where I'm wondering if it is worth eating and /or taking the inhalers! Doc has prescribed omprazole but no real improvement yet. Have cut out loads of the trigger foods- but still

a few to go. Anyone else struggling with this issue?

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Yes I do, never found Omeprazole helpful really for reflux. I take Ranitidine and use Gaviscon Advance as per the instructions too, always before bed I never forget. I also sip warm water boiled from the kettle frequently, that really helps. And I eat dinner by 6pm. No dairy in the dinner or evening as that's a killer. I do love cheese but if I have it it's lunch time.

goat-lady in reply to Shancock

Thanks- will persist with PPI until the end of the pack and perhaps try ranitidine etc. Then back to doc. Tags.

Me too. I’ve had awful reflux with pain since the middle of April. I’m now on 40 mgs of Omeprazole and a rinitidine and still get problems but not as bad.

goat-lady in reply to Mavary

Thanks- there's hope then!

Yes im on lanzoprasol, ranatididin, and gaviscon as an when i need it. Iv cut out caffien and chocolate and cut down on loads of other stuff. I have gord. Silent reflux, and motility problem but the damage is done so no point stopping the meds now. And the inhalers have been life savers quite literally at times.

goat-lady in reply to corriena

Thanks- seems a combination approach is most effective.

Hi. My husband Alan as LPR which is the silent acid reflux. He is on nexium ratinidine domperidine and gaviscon advanced. He refluxes during every meal. Like u he as got to the stage where he says why bother eating. We have been told he will not survive a operation.

goat-lady in reply to barst1950

Am v sad to hear that. Has he been referred to a gastroenterologist-wondering if that's a request for a bit further down the line?

barst1950 in reply to goat-lady

Hi. Been under swallowing team and ent. Asked for a referral to gastro team but Doctors have said he needs operation on hiatus hernia and he won’t be able to be put under. Due at a family funeral this week but it depends how loud the noise is in his throat. It does take over our lives. Take care .

goat-lady in reply to barst1950

Wishing you all the help and support you want n need. M

Hi Sorry to hear you are struggling, I have problem too. Unfortunately you might not want to hear this but one of the worst triggers is tea! I have had to cut it out and only drink it very occasionally, even though I know I will suffer. Hope this helps.

goat-lady in reply to Gravel

Thanks- I had a horrible feeling that was the case! I have cut down by half- having herbal teas instead- the soothing n gingerly ones. Real downer as love tea.

My chest problems have come about because of acid reflux over years. I now take Lansoprazole twice a day. It's important to take it half an hour to an hour before food or else it doesn't work properly. I also take Metoclopramide three times a day. Apparently, this is usually given to chemo patients to stop sickness, but was prescribed by my chest consultant for reflux. I have not had reflux since I've been on it - but could this be because you can't have alcohol while on it? Perhaps that has also helped (not that I was ever a big drinker, but I did like the occasional glass of wine with a meal). Also we eat early - 5.30 to 6.00 pm usually (after taking Lansoprazole at 5.00 p.m.). A big thing for me is to make sure I don't eat too much - little and often is better. I have a hiatus hernia which seems to take some responsibility but they don't want to operate, so I rely on the meds which do seem to work for me.

If you are not improving, I would suggest you go back to your doctor. xx Moy

goat-lady in reply to MoyB

Thanks v much- was wondering if I should ask to try anti sickness meds. I have lost a lot of weight -was thinnish to start with- so have to eat!

MoyB in reply to goat-lady

I would certainly go back to your doc and ask for an alternative or additional med. It's not right that it should cause you to be losing weight and that can't go on for ever. Good luck! xx Moy

santisuk in reply to MoyB

Yes and Omeprazole (or at least the one I have in my medications box for occasional as needed use) includes an instruction to take the med i hour before a meal.

santisuk in reply to santisuk

'1' (one) not 'i' for avoidance of doubt.

[Pity that HealthUnlocked does not have edit facilities built in for post comment corrections, as so many other web forums seem to have; yes I know - I should train myself to proof-read my own comments more rigorously!]

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santisuk in reply to Hidden

Aha! Thanks for that HappyJo. One lives and learns. Now you mention it I think I might have found it before, then (obviously) forgotten where it was!

I used to have lots of trouble- I have silent reflux and also barretts oesophagus. Now I manage fine on just 15 mg of lansoprozole 1 hour before bedtime. Assume you're sleeping on your left side with bed raised, or a wedge pillow? Re food, I can eat lots of the triggers now as long as they are cushioned by other things. So I can never eat fruit first thing in the morning but I can later on when there is other blander food in my stomach. I find timing very important.

goat-lady in reply to O2Trees

Thanks yes follow that sleeping advice. Am usually on at night- it starts about midday and carries on til about 8pm. Seems to be linked to movement.

I have this issue. I find it happens only with certain inhalers. When I am on Beta2 Antagonist type inhalers (Flutiform) it happens and when I come off them it calms down in roughly 1-2 weeks. My old standard inhalers do not react.

goat-lady in reply to LizzieWizz

Thanks. Am going to ask medics if I can try some different inhalers to see if that helps.

Thanks so much for your great replies.

Hi I have suffered on and off for years, it wakes me as it chokes me. I take esomeprazole and I take gaviscon as an emergency back up. Good luck

marypoppy49 in reply to VELoce21


I read your post and was wondering what you have been diagnosed with

I also have the same problem as you I often wake up during the night choking

I feel as though I have something stuck in my throat at times I can do this through out the night making me very tired

I am currently on lansoprazole and gaviscon and it still happens

I also feel like I can’t drink a lot of liquid because it feels like it sits high up in my throat and the same happens with food

Then I am usually sick

I have been to my gp and he just said this is acid reflux and I was sent for a barium swallow about 4 years ago they said they couldn’t find anything

This is very frustrating as I can’t eat out late or drink to much liquid without being sick and at times I am very thristy but I know if I was to drink a glass of water I will be sick so I have to have small sips

I rarely get indigestion so I can’t understand it

I also have chronic aspergillosis and sarcoidosis in the lungs

Sorry things are bad. Doc just listened to me and said try omprazole. Doesn't seem to be helping much so have booked another appointment. I am using ranitidine and antacids with alginate- helping a bit. Know what u mean about wanting to drink but don't as it makes you feel sick.

Hi goat-lady ,I suffer with that too,I was also put on omprazole ,then I was sent to private doctor and he put me on a liquid called Peptac , it's quite good.

All the best Susan 🐘

I have had the same problem all year although mine is silent reflux, but I had terrible indigestion while on holiday last month. Dr asked me to use omprazole twice a day plus gavisvon advance 4 times a day and referred me to ent. Had appt on Tuesday. The consultant looked in my throat with small camera ( via my nose) and remarked on how much acid she could see. I have appt for barium swallow on Wednesday. I would see your gp. Don't keep suffering. I also have hoarse voice and sometimes choke while drinking water.

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