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Inhaler recommendations

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Hello, I have severe COPD plus end stage pulmonary hypertension. My consultant says that the breathlessness is by the COPD. Oxygen 24/7 ve tried several inhalers but none work.Trimbow spiriva, fostair next. Plus a tablet called Montilucast. Does anyone use that actually works. Thanks all.

18 Replies
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Sorry you're having such a bad time Kate. I use Symbicort 200/6 (that's a steroid/bronchodilater inhaler). Ive used it pretty continuously since 1986 and it works great. I get it prescribed mainly for asthma, but I know Symbicort gets prescribed for later stage copd too.

I think there are some on here who are prescribed oral steroids for regular use, not just for acute flare-ups. Maybe someone will come along and tell you about that.

Just a thought: I assume you've been told that steroid inhalers take a few weeks to work properly? Hope you do get something sorted.

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Kate124 in reply to O2Trees

Thanks for your reply. Some of the inhalers I've tried for years. Latest trimbow for about 6 months. Did nothing at all. I'm gunna ask consultant about the one you said. Thank you.

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O2Trees in reply to Kate124

It has a stronger version - 400/6 I think - so you could ask about that one too. It does seem you need something stronger than what you have been using so far. Good luck!

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Maricopa in reply to Kate124

I take Symbacort, Spiriva respimat. A regimen of azithromycin 3x weekly and 5mg prednisone daily for copd. But I’m on meds for heart and RA as well.

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Cant advise on medication but hope you get sorted soon Kate. Sending healing xxSheila 🌷💕

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Kate124 in reply to garshe

Thank you.

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Hi I’m stage 4 emphysema and I’m on incruse ellipta and Seebri which seem to do their job. Last year I like you thought inhalers were not helping and my pulmonologist put me on nebulisers. These were even worse leaving me gasping for breath. I came to the conclusion perhaps it was the way I was taking the inhalers and so started lung exercises so I could breathe deeper when using the inhalers which has helped no end. Perhaps this might be your problem. Hope you can find a solution. Take care.

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Kate124 in reply to CyprusPat

Thank you.

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Hi I have a combination of seretide 250mg,ventolin, montelukast daily and azithromycin 500mg 3 times a week .prednisolone and amoxicillin on a flare up but not end stage copd

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Sorry to hear you have been having problems.I have montelukast and spiriva plus ventolin and fostair.

I find spiriva very good as well as the montelukastam also on uniphylline.

The only down side with all these inhalers is oral thrush so would advise carefull oral hygiene after usingI have also been on prednisolone for 17 years which whilst I am so grateful has kept me alive has nasty long term side effects .

Good luck

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mzzbehavin in reply to Cloudancer

What have been your side effects? I am a couple years on steady prednisone (10 MG per day) and so far no side effects. Very worried about them though.

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Cloudancer in reply to mzzbehavin

Am not a doctor Mzzbehavin and would definitely have a conversation with your respiratory team for advice on your meds.From my experience having been on high doses for 17 years I have had the following -please note this is my experience and everyone is different.



Crumbling spine


Eyesight issues.

Mental health issues if reduced too quickly from40 mgs back to maintenance dose.

Hairy puffy face

Weight gain

Frequent thrush infections.

Frequent chest infections /urinary tract infections/etc.

Not everyone has these issues and as I have said am so grateful to still be here today.

I was told by the medics that some consider the most damage is done in first 3 months of starting prednisolone long term but haven't been able to verify this.

I wish you well and do remember not to alter meds without speaking with your respiratory team. X

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mzzbehavin in reply to Cloudancer

Thank you. I don't know how I can go off them. Or just take them in emergencies...

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Cloudancer in reply to mzzbehavin

Whatever you do do not stop them suddenly.You must discuss with your respiratory team who will assess you may do blood tests etc.

Coming off long term steroids under medical supervision can be a slow little baby steps process if the medics say you are able/stable enough.

So do discuss with them and take their advice -wishing you well .

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I ve tried a lot of inhalers and ended back on beclometasone (Soprobec) and salmeterol as well. Ive been on montelaikadt for years but if they work i couldnt tell because i been on them a long time my body probably got used to the medication.

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I have tried several types over the years, many of which are mentioned by name in other replies, but I can never be sure that any of them are doing me any real good. On the rare occasions I get to see a medical professional these days they always ask the same question "do you think it is helping?" and I always offer the same response "not really but the only way I am going to find out is to stop taking it!" which almost always results in a different inhaler being prescribed and then we go through the whole thing again a year later! Good luck and try to be patient!

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Hi kate124Sorry to hear you are finding a inhaler that is working for you difficult, I have just been prescribed trixeo aerosphere. As far as I know its a new inhaler and I havnt taken it yet , It could be worth reading up about it to see if it is any good for you. Hope you find something that's works for you xx

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Kate124 in reply to Mirro19

Thank you all for your replies. I'll have a chat with consultant, see what else I can try.

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