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Hi Guys. Can I ask for your advice. I applied for pip in June this year and went for the f2f assessment with capita in July, it was declined and scored 6 points in daily living and 4 on mobility. There was certain statements that was not the truth and things that I’d spoken about not written down, and to be fair I had not sent in any evidence of my documentation I thought they contacted the hospital, so then I put in for a mandatory reconsideration with everything and therapy still ongoing for pulmonary rehabilitation and also speech therapist appointments. I rang up yesterday and was told an email had been sent to the decision makers because this had been missed with not being sure I rang this morning and they said a letter is on its way stating disallowed with the same amount of points.

Once letter received I will go to citizens advice.

Could I ask anyone for their input have they had similar happen and their outcomes.

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Go straight to cab. Say u have been misrepresented at assessment. Remember it doesn't matter what illness or diagnosis you have, it's how it affects your daily life and mobility. Get letters off G.Pand consultants etc.

san37 in reply to Denae011

Thank you I will get that arranged.

benefitsandwork.co.uk costs 20 quid got all you need

san37 in reply to sibkev

Thank you

Don't give up , this response does not make sense and there is the incorrect records due to misrepresentation. You need someone with good knowledge of such claims and emphasis placed on how your disability effects your daily living i.e dressing, walking, cooking , communication, access to transport, your health and safety and others you may deal with, emotional stress the list goes on but I cannot give you the answers as I don't know your personal details.

Much appreciated

Iv been an asthmatic for 52yrs and had many infections, Iv worked full time for 42yrs until March this year where infections and inflammation took its toll in and out of hospital, struggling breathing and tests showed moderate COPD, said results show damage to top of lungs, a lot been going on between and can’t believe how vast come on with pain in back,shoulders blades,fatigue, and need reliever inhaler a lot when walking which is not that far. Although thinking about things I felt certain things over a year ago but couldn’t understand it and brushed it off The consultant is now speaking to Birmingham heartlands to see if can think of anything else with it coming from top of airways a high pitched wheeze, I am awaiting on a pulmonary rehabilitation course. This affects my voice very graspsy and hoarse which I am under a speech therapist. The consultant mentioned in August with me having ulcerative colitis years ago and had a big part of bowel taken away the vowel affects the lungs also but they don’t know why.

Let’s hope I can get more result with tribunal. Going to citizens advice next week for assistance with paperwork.

I phoned The "Welfare Department" who arranged to meet me, They are very Good, They filled in the Forms on my Initial PIP Claim never missing anything out and said they would Emphasise each Point. along with Doctor & Consultant Letters, I got my PIP. Then 2 years later I applied for the Higher Mobility.(Home Visit), Received that. Last Night on TV, there was Info for all Disability claimants that you can receive a Refund on Council Tax, it has never been advertised, (I wonder why) !!! They said to look at the Back of the Council Tax Form and in very small Letters, there is an article about it? maybe not valid for all, maybe worth a Try .......

san37 in reply to Hacienda

Great info thank you

Definitely go ahead and appeal the decision. It is worth asking for an oral hearing so that you can answer questions at the Tribunal. If you already have 6 points for daily living, only 2 points have to be found and that means you are in with a chance. The mobility side is more tricky but you could be successful if a professional has commented on your walking difficulties. Remember you can score points if you can’t do something reliably, safely or repeatedly. So for example, you might be able to walk 80m once a day but only 20m on other occasions and therefore should score higher on the points.

Thank you

I too have the issue where the assessor has lied and not recorded correctly my answers. And the decision maker believes her, and has added more lies to the report second time round. I have no idea where to go to raise my concerns about someone who has been dishonest and stopped me from receiving any benefit. I don’t want to go through the tribunal process. If you have an assessment record it the minute you arrive at the assessment centre to the end, they are assessing you before you get into the interview. It seems to be a prolific problem of assessors lying but nobody is doing anything about it.

It seems a lot go through this process with their system, quite disheartening when you read back the report and then you send all evidence in but still disallowed.

I am certainly going to citizens advice for help, and take it from there. Hope you can get some solution to help your case. Take care

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