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Consultant and lung function yesterday


Hi. I had a very good appointment with both rheumatology and respiratory consultants yesterday straight after a lung function test. As I said once before I have had an infusion of rituximab in February and March this year. For the first 6 months I have been through hell, unable to breath or move had abulances out through anxiety and even suicidal but these last couple of weeks have been slowly feeling better. Even my lung function has greatly improved, which is why I am writing this post. My FEV1 was 40% where does that put me on the 'scale'? Thanks in advance for your help. By the way not sure I'll be have rituximab again though!!

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It puts you at stage 3 or severe. The important thing is that you are feeling better and more optimistic.

Thanks for replying. I thought sort of medium but hey ho. Many people on here seem to be much worse than I am yet able to do so much more. I often wonder how they can be so active? Keep well x

As you start to feel better, you will be able to start to do a bit more too. It's not always helpful to compare our progress with others as we're all different in the way our lung problems affect us.

I'm just glad that you're feeling so much more positive now.

Thank you and today I feel even better. They gave me a new inhaler on Tuesday think it must be that!

So glad you're feeling better and sound more positive. Go slowly and enjoy each day

Thank you. You too

Hi Christine,I'm 46 and was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis 5 year ago.This last 6 months I've had breathing issues.I was told I had asthma for years but have been diagnosed with Bronchiectasis,both Rheumatologist and respiratory consultants say the RA has caused this lung problem.I'm trying different inhalers etc as my airways always seem to be inflamed and full of mucus.I guess it's something I have to manage,very frustrating as I was quite fit.I'm still active at work but find walking up steep banks difficult,become breathless and have coughing episodes.I do wonder sometimes wether I will improve but one can only try to stay healthy and active.

Oh forgot to say that I was given a new inhaler yesterday and wow it's made a difference. If you want to ask you dr it's called:Anoro Ellipta 55/22

Hi so sorry to hear that RA has caused your lung condition. I was told for 10 years I had COPD and then 18 months ago was re-diagnosed with obliterative Bronchiolitis which like you had been caused by the RA. I see you are being seen by rheumatology and respiratory. Is this in a joint clinic or separate clinics?

They're separate,only go off one another's notes.I'm on Relvar elipta and currently had Incruse elipta added,been on that for a few month but not really any change.

That's a shame. My advice wouls be to keep trying them all. Keep positive and stay as well as you can

Are you still on rituxnib?

Hi. I had Rituximab last March 2018 and the effect are just beginning to wear off. I am due a cataract op soon so cannot have another one at the moment because of infection maybe flaring up. Rituximab is a very string immune suppressant and is initially used for the RA side of the disease but they have found it works very well for the Bronchiolis, and I found it and the Anoro Ellipta changed my life. I will be having another infusion as soon as it is possible Good luck

Thank you. I wish you well!

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