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Cavity in upper lung and plural thickening found on CT. Lung cancer, Aspergilliosis, TB or NTM suspected.

Hi all. Newbe here. Few months back attended my local A&E with breathing problem. Found small cavity right upper lung and plural thickening.

Dr explained could be lung cancer, bacterial or fungal

I was immediately put on rapid cancer diagnosis pathway, which was really frightening. PET scan showed intense uptake. CT guided biopsy negative for cancer, which was obviously huge relief.

Nothing came back from Broncoscopy wash. Dr believes unlikely to be TB. Thinks it could be NTM or Aspergilliosis . Waiting on results of induced sputum test and further batch of blood tests and CT

This has been going on for saveral months now. Really frustrating and anxiety provoking not knowing what cause is.

Has anyone had similar experience ?

Did you get a diagnosis in the end?

My Dr saying if they can't isolate cause they might find consider surgery, which seems a bit extreme!

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I have same symptoms in my case Plural plax (asbestos) but hope you get sorted out..wishing you the best of health,Ger

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Hi Ger. thanks for your reply. Wishing you good health as well


That’s like my dad’s results .. I was worried about TB or Cancer.

Am researching asbestos heart issues given my dad’s own asbestos exposure YOU might be suffering from some occupational lung issues.

My dad’s stuffing from Elevated Hemidiaphram With upper lower Atelectasis funny thing is he had big crusty lung cavity.

So have been reading up on defuse plaura plax.


Hi Jeff. Thanks for your reply. My Dr did mention asbestos as another possible cause. Entirely possible I've had some exposure in the past. Asbestos was everywhere back in the day.

Hope your Dads health problem get sorted.

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I think might be on to something with asbestos.

My dad’s not good really DOCTORs palative ways are irritating for sure.

But if dad’s lung issues are via asbestos THE asbestos trustees are going to hear bout it given rediculess criteria


Welcome 😊

Diagnosis can take months yes..so pace yourself, get as much support as you can and live for today..easy to say I know but I have been practising 🤞

Take care..


Thanks, I'm trying to take it day at a time and luckily I have good support.

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Hi AF10

I’ve got aspergillosis. Mine started with pneumonia back the end of April. I’ve had breathing issues since usually first thing in the morning. It is much better now but not completely gone. I went for a heart echo last week to see if it had affected my heart. I haven’t had the results back yet but I think it’s ok. I hope they soon diagnose what you have wrong.


Hi Mavary. I think I've had just about every test imaginable by now, so I'm hoping latest will come up with something.

Hope your tests come back ok.

Are you having treatment for Aspergilliosis? How was it? Does the medication have any side effects?


what is the treatment for Apergilliosis> can it be eradicated?


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