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Amazing News


Hi all while since I have been on but I had to share this. Yesterday I had my annual checks K still am shocked my FEV and peak flow has improved enough to change my status to back to just asthmatic. I ha gone for mipld Copd to moderate and floated between the two for a few years but no longer. My nurses were astounded and the only thing I can attribute to is Tai Chi everydAy . I was so excited K have forgotten but my peak flow was my best ever in o Dr 30 years 649. I am now being monitored for the next 6seems stopped my spiriva as of this morning. I do not want to appear smug or to seem to have had a miracle cure but hope that others will be encouraged.

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Great news indeed


That's fantastic news - you must feel elated!

fronkleblanc in reply to Hidden

I am blown away the look of shock on the nurse's face was fantastic

That is very encouraging and great news. Well done! Xxxxx

That is amazing! You don’t seem at all smug. Thank you for sharing such happy news.

Great news for you x x

Well done, next years marathon contestant?

fronkleblanc in reply to tomc

Don't think so but I may walk the Pembrokeshire Coast Path as right outside my door

tomc in reply to fronkleblanc

Lovely walk. go get it :-)

Not smug at all - brilliant uplifting news needs to be shared. You have indeed encouraged me to find a tai chi course.

Love cx

Please do there are many different types but one for exercise may help if you cant get out search David Dorian Ross on You Tube and he does seated Tai Chi and Qui Gong

Thank you 🙂x


Wow that is great news not just for yourself but for the rest of us. Thanks for sharing it 😀😀🍷

Your peak flow of 649 puts my 137 to shame.

Wish you lot off luck for the future.


Great to have some good news. Keep up what is working for you. Well done👏👏👏👏

Oh that's great news and so glad you shared it with us. Enjoy your healthy life style 👌😎xx

I had both and my original spirometry had to be done twice as the first time was very difficult me. As I have had asthma for many years was shocked by the diagnosis and had a second opinion. It confirmed the first so for some time I have just been trying to keep fit but 3years ago I started my Tai Chi class. So changed were slow but there was some improvements. I will know further when I go back in 6weeks to have a check up without my spiriva and hopefully cut down my sweetie too.

Well done !!! You have every right to be delighted xx

Very, very good news fronkleblanc . 😀 So happy for you and nice to hear from you again. xx 🙋🐕

Great news!

Wonderful. Another post to encourage newbies to the site. Tai Chi is a wonderful exercise system which includes a breathing discipline as part of the movement discipline, so I find it no surprise that your improvement could be attributed to that.

Good news. Tai chi seems to be the answer!!!!


fronkleblanc in reply to donut43

Please give it a go if you find a great group it is good fun too we laugh and joke a lot it also calms you and raises your spirits

So pleased for you but im sceptical of the medics maybe they misdiagnosed you x

I too am sceptical but even if that is the case then my asthma has got lots better

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